Monday, April 4, 2011

So many things to write about and yet not enough time in a day.   I will say that Im proud of my little brother because he managed to get to our house on the day of daddy's angio-gram procedure bright and early. Of course this also meant we had more time to hear his corny/dirty jokes and all the whining that goes along with all his conversations.

Once we arrived at the hospital and checked daddy in we waited for a while before they called him to the admitting office.  I noticed that Nancy my brothers girlfriend was not her usual cheerful self. and  made the mistake of asking why.  She was upset because they wouldn't give her a wristband and was told she would not be able to sit with us in the upstairs waiting room.  This hospital has so many rules that start with NO!

Leaving her alone downstairs in the lobby I assured her that other family member would be coming soon.  Brother and I led daddy down the hall and followed the blue line to the elevator and up to the floor where we were to wait until the entire procedure was done and we could take daddy home.

"Its too crowded up here!  What kind of hospital is this?  Does anyone know what they're doing in this place?  Its too hot up here"!   Between daddy and brother dearest I was ready to scream and run out leaving both there to do whatever.........I didn't care.   Daniel sat in the waiting room with me for a full minute before deciding he was going down to the lobby with Nancy because it was toooooo hot for him and too many people in this waiting room ayiyiyi!   He didn't fool me, he was upset because he wanted Nancy by his side so he could kick back and let me and her take care of everything.  I was so relieved when he went downstairs!  As I read a story in a magazine a nurse came and called me to daddy dearest' bedside.   Now what?

O my word!   Such language...............daddy dearest was upset because they were asking him to strip. What the  ^%^&%#$^%$  he kept telling the nurse!  Its my ankle thats got the problem!   *^#@*%$%^+  Why can't they just roll up my pant leg?  Trying to calm him down while taking his watch and ring off and trying to put his valuables in my purse brother dearest walked in.  He explained to daddy why they needed him to be in his birthday suit, he calmed down but not with out voicing his opinion on what he thought of them.  Right on scheduled (1:00) daddy was taken to the operating room.  Such a big baby,  my word he's gonna be 83 yrs pretty soon for heavens sake.   FINALLY we went to the waiting room to join Nancy who had snuck in.

While we waited talking and looking through old high school photo albums Daniel had brought with him I realized how much my brother still lives in the past.  He still talks like he's a teenager.  lol

Other family members called me and let me know they were downstairs waiting and to call them as soon as I knew anything. 

I started getting worried when I noticed that everybody in the waiting room was being called and given information about their family members.  After three hours we still hadn't heard anything at all.  My cell phone kept ringing and before I could answer one text message I would get another.   I was beginning to worry that something had gone wrong.  Had they done an emergency amputation!    All these crazy thoughts were going through my mind so my brother decided to go ask what was taking so long on a procedure that should have only been one hour.    Ayiyiyi!  The doctor had an emergency on one of his earlier surgical procedures which in turn backed him up for the rest of the day and at 3:00 they still had not even started on my dad.  They would now begin the angio-gram at 4:00 pm.

Leaving brother dearest and Nancy to hold the fort I hurried downstairs to explain to the family why it was taking so long.   My fingers hurt from all the texting I had been doing all day.   I was hoping the nurses would not decide to come while I was gone; I wanted to hear all information and details for myself.   Daniel on the other hand relies on his g'friend to remember everything for him so he won't have to retain anything in his brain.   My brother doesn't get enough sleep because he likes to work twenty-four seven and is always sleepy and uses that as an excuse for forgetting what you tell him.    Blah blah blah...........aarrggh can you believe that?   Drama!  Going back upstairs with an aunt and her daughter I left the others in the lobby.

My daughter and g'daughter came during this second waiting period when suddenly I realized it was over an hour which we had been told to expect the nurse to come in and give us details.  I walked to the nurses station  to ask about daddy and there he was smiling and chewing the rag with the nurse like they were life long friends.   Nurse told me everything had gone well and handed me the phone so I could speak to the doctor.   He explained what had taken place, daddy would need follow up appointments and the ulcer on his ankle would be treated in the doctor office until it got well.  Otherwise daddy was fine and we could take him home in a couple of hours.

Explaining to the nurses that we were all going out to eat and would come back as soon as they called us, we left.  We were all hungry because none of us had eaten all day long.  After dinner I convinced Daniel that I didn't need to go back to the hospital to pick up dad and I would go home with my daughter.  I was so tired and my back was hurting from sitting in those uncomfortable chairs in the waiting room.  Not to mention the horrible migraine I'd had all day long.   Do I have a cold?  Am I stressed out?  I've been sick for a week praying that dads leg didn't have to be amputated because of gangrene.  Besides who else is gonna do what needs to be done with my senile dad absent minded husband and forgetful brother.   These are the men in my life and I promised mom I would take care of dad and her baby boy.   I promised God to love my husband til death do us part.                    Uugghh   what did I get myself into?


Alls well and Life seems to be Beautiful once again here on the plantation for the time being.

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