Friday, April 29, 2011

Broken pipes Broken Dreams

Thank God its Friday.........or so I thought.   I woke up and told my husband that I dreamed we were at the beach walking on the pier.   Its kind of strange since I don't like the beach during the day because I can't stand the hot sun beating down on me.   Whatever!!!  

My granddaughter Danelle came to spend Easter break with us this week and also to make up some credits for school she worked community service where my husband works.   We were going to take her home and I thought it would be nice if we went to San Diego after dropping her off since she lives only about an hour away.   Just getting away for a day sounded like heaven to me and I was getting excited because it was such a beautiful day and the weather was perfect.

It all started yesterday afternoon when my husband saw there was water on the cement by one of our trees and decided it was just a small leak that could wait for today. came and before we got ready to leave he went outside to find that there was a huge leak and water was gushing out by the tons. 

After running around all over the plantation looking for a shut off valve or any kind of shut off thingamagig he didn't find any.   We had no choice but to call my daughter to come home and deal with the problem and I decided to call the water co.   They were not very helpful at all, I was told that they would come to shut the water off and there would be no charge.   BUT.      Being that it was Friday the water leak had to be fixed before 1:00pm because  they don't send anyone out later than that.   How rotten is that?   To make matters worse the broken water pipe is on our property so we have to pay for all the water that was lost!   How rotten is that?   Hubby finally went out on the street and found a shut off valve by the fire hydrant and shut the water off.    I was worried that the whole block might be without water.........yikes!!!..........what do we do? 

Once the water was off hubby was able to dig and find the broken pipe (s) and saw where it was leaking from.   He  would need to make a trip to the hardware store, do more digging and put it together while we waited all day without water.    It was terrible. 

I didn't go to San Diego but I was around water lolololol   I ended up doing yard work and just enjoying my day thanking God that it hadn't been a more serious problem than what it was. 

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