Thursday, April 7, 2011

Old Lady In the Rear

Yesterday I was full of pep and energy.   The weather was just the way I like it; beautiful, overcast, cloudy and cool.  I love it when its like this because I can work in my gardens without the hot sun on me.   Working all over the plantation, pulling weeds that have been  calling my name.  There was so much transplanting that needed to be done I didn't know where to start lol.  Of course hubby helped me by digging holes or picking up heavy pots etc.  

Its beginning to look so beautiful again with the trees full of leaves once again and all the shrubs getting bigger because of all the rain we had.  There is a great big gap in the pond where a tree split in half and fell during one of our windstorms.  Two little branches are sticking out of the bare area which will probably take forever to grow big enough to make a difference.  

Thank you Lord for the rest of the beauty all over our plantation.

Does anyone really like olive trees?  I happen to like them trimmed into little puffs or round balls otherwise get rid of them.  There are so many of these trees all over the plantation and there just happens to be an olive tree right in the middle of what I like to call the nursery area.  It drops soooooo many olives any time the wind blows or a little breeze happens.  My hubby raked a great big pile and today because its a little windy they're all over the ground again!   I would seriously like to find out if there is some kind of medicine to put on the tree to stop it from producing all these critters!   I love olives and I use them all the time in salads and any recipes that call for them.   I also eat them right out of the can.  They are delicious but I just don't like them all over the ground where people step on them and then walk in the house and stain my carpet. 

I feel it in my bones, I feel it in my heart, I feel it all over me..............Iam getting old.

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