Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

The Magical day was a huge success with the entire plantation lit up with lights just like Disneyland. Princess Daisy looked beautiful and glowing as she greeted all her guests.

There was lots of food friends fellowship and fun. Everyone told us they had enjoyed themselves and had a great time.

There was alot of family and friends, and many young people from church.
Daisy received many gifts, gift cards, $$ and a car.

Happy 16th year Daisy we love you and very proud of you.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hopefully all the people that want to come and celebrate with us at this Magical Party for my granddaughter  have  made  contact with my daughter.

Excitement is in the air and after all the stress, nevousness and confusion everyone is slowly calming down.  Everything is coming together beautifully and its gonna be beautiful.  The son in law has totally redone the  pond area and it now looks like a botanical garden. A good job has been done to cover up what that horrible heat we had the last couple of months dried up.  Whewwww all in all everything will look nice.

Catering, tables, chairs etc have all been ordered and will be delivered on Fri the day before the party.  All the running around from store to store buying extra or misc things are coming to an end.  Hmm gonna miss all those lunch dates I had with my daughter Tiffany.  

Today the inevitable happened, after hoping that all would keep going smoothly.   The company who printed my granddaughters name on napkins for party, totally did  a shoddy job.  The vendor was trying to convince us that  it looked alright................NO I don't think so.  I  got my money back....oh yeah, no way am I gonna wait each month for my SS and hand it over to someone who doesn't care one way or the other! lolol  

                                    Happy Sweet Sixteenth Birthday

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Magical Sweet Sixteen Birthday

We will be celebrating Daisy's Sweet Sixteen Birthday on Ocotober 27th.  There will be lots of family, friends, food, fun and fellowship.

It is unbelievable how fast the years have gone by.  Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating her birth and now she is a beautiful young lady.

She has made her grandpa and I very proud of her.  She is a very vivacious fun loving out going person.  She loves the Lord and goes to church faithfully.  She is involved in many youth activities and has started attending the Spanish services right after the English service is over.....making for a long day since we have service at night also.  Daisy decided to attend spanish service to better improve herself in her spanish class in school.  To our amazement she also sang in the Spanish choir!

Her birthday present from her grandparents is a blue 2001 Mustang which was mine and mostly driven by me.  Who am I kidding?  The car is in great condition.  She will then be able to drive herself and her brother to and from school etc.

Happy Birthday Destinee Caylin Martin (aka Daisy), We love you very much and we wish you the very best of whatever God has in store for your future <3>

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Graduation Parties

Today we are in LA for my nephew Anthony's graduation party. So many people and then we realize that its all family with a few school friends.

 We have been to so many graduation parties this month and last, and I still have two more.  I am so not kidding. Im going broke! lolol

I remember when I graduated it was no big deal just an accomplishment that was supposed to happen in life, no hoopla.   I wish that my parents had done what these parents are doing for these kids or at least take some pictures......o well no use crying over spilled milk.  I must admit that I have my cap n gown photos taken at the school.

Now to get myself ready for the long ride home uuggh! What am I saying I love to go for long rides, but  only when Im going someplace interesting. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Nine Months Later

WOWOWoW,it's been about 9 months since I posted on this blog. So many things have happened; ups n dwns, aging,sickness, healings all the usual everyday problems and happy moments of life. Becoming a greatgrammy to a beautiful Lil baby girl named Devyn Lee. Bitter sweet feelings having my nephew Josh enli sting in the Navy. Seeing and hearing my grand baby Daisy sing, placing second place. Knowing she should have gotten 1st place argh. I have a Smart phone and seriously is. Lol thank God for my Lil genius grandson Dino, how he got so educated ???hahaha. Gotta love tha kid. I better quit while I'm ahead I don't wanna push my luck. Until the next time 😉

Six months gone six months left

Today is the first day of June, it's amazing that half the year is gone. So many things have happened both sad, happy or just everyday events. Revival in our church has been the main thing happening since the beginning of the year. Many have received the Holy Spirit and many more have been baptized. Healings and miracles within my own family have taken place. I'm taking each day as a special gift from God. If unexpected trials or I have to take extra steps........oh well I know it is a lesson to be learned or making me stronger. 'patience' has always been at about 90mph in my life lol. I'm doing great now my speed is at about 55mph because I've learned to stop and look at myself and everything around enjoying or fixing what I like or don't. Thank you Lord for loving me!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

The happiest time of the year for me is Christmas.  I love going to the different stores and listening to Christmas carols while I browse around.   I love the many different beauiful ornaments and all the glittering lights every where I look.   I have noticed this year that not many people are putting Christmas lights outside in their yards, which makes me sad.   

It seems to me that while this economy crisis is going on for so many it is also a good time to stop and remember the reason for the season..........JESUS!     Christmas is not about how many presents/gifts we need to give our loved ones.   Being with our families doing simple things such as playing games or reading Christmas stories to our kids is one of the ways we can enjoy being together and is more meaningful.

Cooking is another one of the greatest things about this seasn.   Everyone loves to eat and in my household we make tamales, posole, menudo, empanadas and other delicious foods.

Lately I've been hearing on the radio that we are now supposed to say  'Happy Holidays'  instead of  "Merry Christmas".  Sheesh  don't 'they' understand that we are having a Merry Christmas and that is what makes our holiday happy.   '

Im on a borrowed computer and need to get off but I will leave  with this: