Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

The happiest time of the year for me is Christmas.  I love going to the different stores and listening to Christmas carols while I browse around.   I love the many different beauiful ornaments and all the glittering lights every where I look.   I have noticed this year that not many people are putting Christmas lights outside in their yards, which makes me sad.   

It seems to me that while this economy crisis is going on for so many it is also a good time to stop and remember the reason for the season..........JESUS!     Christmas is not about how many presents/gifts we need to give our loved ones.   Being with our families doing simple things such as playing games or reading Christmas stories to our kids is one of the ways we can enjoy being together and is more meaningful.

Cooking is another one of the greatest things about this seasn.   Everyone loves to eat and in my household we make tamales, posole, menudo, empanadas and other delicious foods.

Lately I've been hearing on the radio that we are now supposed to say  'Happy Holidays'  instead of  "Merry Christmas".  Sheesh  don't 'they' understand that we are having a Merry Christmas and that is what makes our holiday happy.   '

Im on a borrowed computer and need to get off but I will leave  with this:


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