Thursday, March 25, 2010

Her house Her rules

This verse is definitely talking about Rosemary a very close & dear friend of mine. Even tho she has moved quite far because of circumstances beyond her control, we both know we're only as far as a phone call.
The Lord has given her patience beyond anything I have ever seen, and she really does not have any idle time. 
Her husband is very sick and she cares for him at home, takes him to doctor appointments and if need be to the hospital.  The Lord has healed him many times and sent him home.
She is mother of five children who are all grown adults with families of their own. She has custody of eight grandchildren and raising them as her own. This was a decision she made because she didn't want any of her grandchildren to be separated or to become wards of the state and enter into the foster system. 
These kids are all well mannered and obedient, they do not sass or talk back. Of course they act like normal kids ranging in age from 3 to 16 yrs old now and then but she has them in check. She has taken in her niece's two kids, a 9 year old girl and a 3 month old baby boy. I was speechless when she told me this but she did it for the same reason, they were going to become wards of  the state. She always puts these kids before herself and makes sure they do not need or lack anything.
Rosemary takes her grandchildren to church and makes sure that they are involved in youth services and Sunday School. Daily the Lord supplies her every need and gives her strength to endure the everyday issues.
Those of us who complain because we don't have should listen to Rosemary tell some of the miracles that God provides for her family, they would be amazed.

God Bless You Always Rosemary   ♥

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby Showers

Spring is my favorite season of the year, I'm reminded how Jesus changed my life and gave me a new beginning.

Spring is here and with it comes new life in many shapes and forms. Flowers are bursting with different beautiful colors and trees are blooming, with new leaves and blossoms.  I look out my window or go out to my gardens and I'm surrounded with color! I see reds and yellows with touches of purples and white. The tree right outside my window is beginning to fill with white blossoms. The many different green plants look even greener as they thrive with new life.

There will be new life for three families in our church.  I have learned that there are 3 women who are expecting a new bundle of joy in the coming months.  I'm going to crochet each mommy a baby blanket in different shades of blues and browns with touches of green and white.

I must get busy now because the first baby shower is next Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Computer

I was a Key Punch Operator for 40 years. My experience goes back to the first key punch machine when cards were used. As we punched (typed) information it actually punched holes into the card and then put through another machine that would interpret info on paper. I think throughout those years I might have worked with at least 10 different types of key punch machines. Mohawk and IBM are a couple that I can think of right away but I know there were others.
My very first job was at Texaco Oil Co. The year I worked there I became quite speedy and accurate while being trained, and since I enjoyed typing I learned fast. As time passed I moved on to other jobs with different companies using newer machines and learning everything I could. After many years my title was changed to Data Entry operator, there was no more need for key pch operators. The basics were similar but there was no need for speed which I was used to while working at companies who paid for production & accuracy.
Then came these new computers that practically talk and ding at you when you do something could anyone not know how to use it? Easy it has put me to shame! Must be old age haha because I cannot  retain any info in my brain to remember how to do anything which is so frustrating.  My grandchildren laugh and can't believe how I have so many problems. They can do lots of things like pasting  and sending and copying etc.  I just can not understand why MY computer goes on the blitz all the time. I get error messages and music that I enjoy listening to just just shuts off or the computer freezes up. Im dumbfounded  because I don't know what to do. My cousin Joseph is so good about helping me and my friend Nancy who knows computers backwards and forward have come to my rescue.  I wish that I could be the one to conquer the problem, so I can say  'Yay I did it'!  Nothing happens except my just wanting to hit it with a hammer or throw it away & buying a new computer. Everyday I have problems and have to walk away before I do something drastic.
Face Book and these different blogs that allow you to keep up with people you never see or to get in touch with someone quickly are just so awesome and wonderful. My friend has suggested that we take a class on computer literacy since she has the same problems as I do. I also have my hubby's blessings and that's only because he's tired of hearing me groan and moan about this wonderful machine.
Who ever thought modern technology would be so simple that after 40 years I wouldn't be able to understand what to do?  I promise I was one of the best operators that ever worked.....

Monday, March 15, 2010


This picture reminded me of how my Mondays are so I borrowed it from another blog which I really enjoy reading.Our dryer went on the blink and after six loads of wash and hanging them out to dry I folded and put them away.
Before I knew it the day was half over when I realized I wasn't even half done! My parents have been living with me for the past 5 months and now that they are settled in their own place I am still trying to get everything in my house organized and back in place..  
Yesterday after church we had an impromptu get together in my daughters house for my nephew Josh & his family who will be leaving this week for Virginia. My brother, aunts, uncles, parents, cousins and my daughters family were all here. We had a great time of laughter, eating and just sitting around talking. Apparently in VA they don't have any of his favorite food which include tamales, chile verde or menudo We don't know how long it will be until he finds a good Mexican restaurant or he comes back to Calif so we cooked all his favorites. ( hahah).  The boy stuffed himself and probably would have eaten more if he could, so we sent him off with all the left over menudo! He actually wants us to UPS overnite tortillas and cans of menudo if he can't find these in the markets.  He's too funny... I told him it would be much cheaper if I send  his wife Shannon the recipes and she can cook everything for him & his sister who also loves the same Mexican food. Im sad but happy for this new chapter in their lives they are making and I wish them all of Gods blessings to succeed.

                      IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE

It has been quiet and somber around our plantation this past week :O(  My son-in-law Dino has suffered a terrible loss, his father Tony Martin passed away.
My daughter has been very supportive standing by his side and comforting lil Dino & Daisy through this whole ordeal while grieving for her father-in-law too. The support from all his many brothers and sisters as they unite together through this sad time, along with a huge extension of family members will also comfort him knowing how much his father was loved by all.
Its hard to just stand back and see how much he and my grandchildren are hurting, but Dino knows that Bobby & I are here for what ever he might need.
They have been at his mothers house everyday along with all his siblings surrounding her with love and making sure that she is not alone
The Lord will ease and heal the pain and hurt Dino and my grandchildren are feeling right now.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Virginians

My nephew Josh, his wife Shannon and their son Nico will be moving to the east coast next wknd. I am sad to see them move away and will miss them very much. They live in Canyon Country right now which is 2 hrs away from me, I don't see them very much BUT it is just a phone call away. We can keep in touch on Facebook or e-mails so it might not be that bad sigh. They can always send pictures of lil Nico every month so we can see how he changes as he grows.
I wish them all the blessings from God and pray that they find good jobs and they are able to find a place to live right away.

Friday, March 5, 2010

California Weather

Today is beautiful with sunny skies cool breeze and a few clouds. It seems like our winter is over and there won't be anymore rain. We had some stormy weather with lightning and thunder. As I looked out my window I saw the pouring rain as it came down in sheets. It was so awesome!! I Love winter and the sound of rain, but all we're getting now are a few drizzles in the  night. I like to think that when I sang   ♪Send down the rain♪,  the Lord heard my prayers.
I do not like hot weather and I hope summer takes its time getting here~lol. Some like to spend the day at the blazing hot beach, I would rather go in the afternoon when its much cooler, walk in the sand  and watch the sunset. Some like to go hiking, I will sit on the grass and enjoy the beauty of the mountains, its so amazing to see how massive and how high some of them are, it leaves me in awe of Gods creations. People love to sit outside and get tanned, I will sit under a tree or an umbrella in a park or near a lake and enjoy the coolness of the air and keep out of the sun.
Spring will be here soon and maybe some April showers until then I will enjoy each day and give thanks for being so blessed.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lil Dino

This is my grandson 'Lil Dino' an all American 12 yr old boy who makes his grandpa and I very proud. He loves to hang out and do alot of things with his grandpa Bobby, but he also loves to tease him to no end. He can be onery and mouthy all at the same time he's being the sweetest lil angel. Dino loves to play ball, ride bikes and now he's into paint ball. He is also very computer savvy and always looking for deals on the web for new information on paint ball guns etc. Where we live we have open fields on one side and  a forest of trees on the other. During the summer there are many paint ball parties. Some of the men from church & their sons get together and 'shoot' each other up in that forest.  He plays guitar and is in the school band  learning to play the flute. He's spoiled and scolded by all, but he's the reason our plantation is always jumping.
My grandson will have many memories of the years we have lived together on our plantation and someday he can tell his future children all about it
I cherish these years, he's growing so fast and I know one day he'll go to college or whatever the Lord has planned for him.
My grandson has been baptized in Jesus Name and knows that his standards and beliefs are planted on solid rock.. Dino is involved in church activities and is in the youth group.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Long Journey

Last summer my father was admitted into the hospital for heart problems. I stayed with my mother who is  diabetic, does not see very well to help her with whatever she might need. Mom who is 81 yrs old has always kept things to herself so as not to worry anyone. If she was sick she would never say anything.   That is the reason I was unaware of the many problems she was having which I had simply thought was due to old age. I saw that my mother's constant forgetfulness was serious and after talking to her doctor understood that my mom had Dementia from which there is no cure. After many trips back and forth my family & I decided my parents would have to move closer to us. My son-in-law built a small studio apt for them on our property to live in. 
The last few months have been the beginning of a journey which only time will tell how far or how long my mother will be able to remember. Daily I see the changes that come over her, not only is her memory rapidly deteriorating, but she has limited vision from one eye and none from the other.   
My mom was soft spoken, patient, kind, sweet, and would never raise her voice at anyone. The woman she becomes when her moods change is defiant at times and very feisty. I try to motivate her by suggesting she do simple things such as taking a walk or sitting outside. Her answer is always no, she is very depressed and cries constantly. I know that she doesn't understand many things we say by the way she looks at us, especially if we tell her she has already asked the same thing 4 times. 
I give all the praise to my God for the strength he gives me to cope in seeing my mother this way. I thank God for my husband and am blessed to have a wonderful daughter & son-in-law.  Knowing I have their support means alot to me. 
A mother is precious and should be honored and not taken for granted, she is someone who can never be replaced. I didn't write this to get a pity party, but because maybe someone going through the same thing will read this and no they are not alone.