Monday, March 15, 2010


This picture reminded me of how my Mondays are so I borrowed it from another blog which I really enjoy reading.Our dryer went on the blink and after six loads of wash and hanging them out to dry I folded and put them away.
Before I knew it the day was half over when I realized I wasn't even half done! My parents have been living with me for the past 5 months and now that they are settled in their own place I am still trying to get everything in my house organized and back in place..  
Yesterday after church we had an impromptu get together in my daughters house for my nephew Josh & his family who will be leaving this week for Virginia. My brother, aunts, uncles, parents, cousins and my daughters family were all here. We had a great time of laughter, eating and just sitting around talking. Apparently in VA they don't have any of his favorite food which include tamales, chile verde or menudo We don't know how long it will be until he finds a good Mexican restaurant or he comes back to Calif so we cooked all his favorites. ( hahah).  The boy stuffed himself and probably would have eaten more if he could, so we sent him off with all the left over menudo! He actually wants us to UPS overnite tortillas and cans of menudo if he can't find these in the markets.  He's too funny... I told him it would be much cheaper if I send  his wife Shannon the recipes and she can cook everything for him & his sister who also loves the same Mexican food. Im sad but happy for this new chapter in their lives they are making and I wish them all of Gods blessings to succeed.

                      IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE

It has been quiet and somber around our plantation this past week :O(  My son-in-law Dino has suffered a terrible loss, his father Tony Martin passed away.
My daughter has been very supportive standing by his side and comforting lil Dino & Daisy through this whole ordeal while grieving for her father-in-law too. The support from all his many brothers and sisters as they unite together through this sad time, along with a huge extension of family members will also comfort him knowing how much his father was loved by all.
Its hard to just stand back and see how much he and my grandchildren are hurting, but Dino knows that Bobby & I are here for what ever he might need.
They have been at his mothers house everyday along with all his siblings surrounding her with love and making sure that she is not alone
The Lord will ease and heal the pain and hurt Dino and my grandchildren are feeling right now.

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