Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lil Dino

This is my grandson 'Lil Dino' an all American 12 yr old boy who makes his grandpa and I very proud. He loves to hang out and do alot of things with his grandpa Bobby, but he also loves to tease him to no end. He can be onery and mouthy all at the same time he's being the sweetest lil angel. Dino loves to play ball, ride bikes and now he's into paint ball. He is also very computer savvy and always looking for deals on the web for new information on paint ball guns etc. Where we live we have open fields on one side and  a forest of trees on the other. During the summer there are many paint ball parties. Some of the men from church & their sons get together and 'shoot' each other up in that forest.  He plays guitar and is in the school band  learning to play the flute. He's spoiled and scolded by all, but he's the reason our plantation is always jumping.
My grandson will have many memories of the years we have lived together on our plantation and someday he can tell his future children all about it
I cherish these years, he's growing so fast and I know one day he'll go to college or whatever the Lord has planned for him.
My grandson has been baptized in Jesus Name and knows that his standards and beliefs are planted on solid rock.. Dino is involved in church activities and is in the youth group.

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