Friday, March 5, 2010

California Weather

Today is beautiful with sunny skies cool breeze and a few clouds. It seems like our winter is over and there won't be anymore rain. We had some stormy weather with lightning and thunder. As I looked out my window I saw the pouring rain as it came down in sheets. It was so awesome!! I Love winter and the sound of rain, but all we're getting now are a few drizzles in the  night. I like to think that when I sang   ♪Send down the rain♪,  the Lord heard my prayers.
I do not like hot weather and I hope summer takes its time getting here~lol. Some like to spend the day at the blazing hot beach, I would rather go in the afternoon when its much cooler, walk in the sand  and watch the sunset. Some like to go hiking, I will sit on the grass and enjoy the beauty of the mountains, its so amazing to see how massive and how high some of them are, it leaves me in awe of Gods creations. People love to sit outside and get tanned, I will sit under a tree or an umbrella in a park or near a lake and enjoy the coolness of the air and keep out of the sun.
Spring will be here soon and maybe some April showers until then I will enjoy each day and give thanks for being so blessed.

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