Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Pomegranate Tree

  This has been such a busy month that I forgot to write on my blog again.  It wasn't until my daughter was decorating for the Halloween/Thanksgiving holidays that I realized that its almost November!  The days are going by so fast maybe its a blessing  because I don't really know how Im going to handle the holidays this year without my mom ~sigh~.

Today all the men in my life decided to work around the plantation before the next rain fall, even my son Paul came to wash his clothes and is now busy at work (he got trapped haha).  Its such a beautiful day its hard to believe that rain is on the way again. Fall is finally in the air and leaves on the trees are changing colors or falling off, and because we had rain last week everything is green and colorful.

My husband came in the house a while ago with a bag full of pomegranates, they are so big and beautiful.  He opened one and ate the whole thing while ahhing away lol.  I don't care for them after tasting one when I was a kid, I just think they are pretty and make for a great decoration for Thanksgiving.  I had him take them over to Tiffany's house so she can put them out for decoration.  While shopping at Ralphs mkt the other day I noticed they had some for sale at two for $6.00!  An idea suddenly came to me that maybe I should open up a stand outside saying   'POMEGRANATES for SALE'   and see how many people stop.   After all thats what people do when they sell lemonade from lemons off their trees....hmmm I could do that too since we have many lemon trees lol.  

When we moved here this tree was one among many that were in need of water and looked like it was dying.  M husband and son pulled out many dead trees and stumps but left this one after I cried and cried that we needed it.  We had a persimmon tree that unawares to me my husband pulled out and Tiffany and I were so upset.  Now its giving fruit that is so gorgeous hubby even likes it.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yard Sale

 Has anyone ever had an impromptu yard sale?  We did today!!   My daddy decided to put a sign at the end of the street about 9:30am, never imagining the crowds that were going to swarm to his sale. 

As I innocently walked outside ready to go for my daily morning walk, I came to a dead stop when I saw 10 people coming up the drive way, and cars/trucks pulling up the curbs.  As I turned to look for my dad who was busily pulling stuff' out of boxes and throwing them on the ground as fast as he could and trying to put more items on A table.  Oh my word I couldn't believe my eyes.   Then I went into shock and I almost had an attack when 5/6 people came out of dads studio apt after letting  them in to look at the refrigerator and couch he wants to sell.   I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw more people walking around our back yard coming toward the front gate!!   How can anyone just walk into someones back yard, and walk around as if they belong there, what a Nerve!   Of course no one bought either item or anything else. 

I am not against anyone trying to find a good deal at these sales because I do it myself, but when the price is at rock bottom already and they want you to lower the price...........GO HOME!     I don't understand why people are so rude.  

Thank God my aunt Mary came to help because it was hard to keep up with all the people that kept coming.  Finally at  2:OO pm I decided I'd had enough when all the people traffic slowed down and the gnats trying to go up my nose and my ears, not to mention all the rude people.  Daddy did not want to close so he stayed by himself while my aunt and I went to eat at Taco Joe's restaurant.

I guess Im just a glutton for misery because tomorrow I'll be staying home from church to help daddy with his  yard sale. 

"The Lord is pleased with those who worship Him and trust His love." Ps I am trusting that God will smile down on us because Im leaving it all in His hands..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The will of God

Wow can't believe its been so long since I posted on this blog.  There is so much going on with all my grandchildren, and around the plantation that I need to start blogging again.

Today is four months since my mother passed, my heart is still shattered in a million pieces and I know it will never heal completely because a part of it is gone forever.   Even tho in my mind I  know God took her because He saw how much she was suffering, in my heart I still needed my mother here for ME!   I don't think its selfish to feel that way, no matter how old I am I'll always miss her. The numbness is going away but there are some days that everything I see or hear  reminds me of  her.  I will continue to be there for my dad because I can't even imagine how he feels now that he's alone after 63 years.  Jesus hold my hand as I travel this road until I see your face.

Fantastic news the plantation is minus what I called the Wicked Tree in the front yard.  One of the men from our church came with his machinery and pulled it out of the ground and presto it was gone.  This tree which came supposedly from Guatalamala was tall and huge with  big ugly fat thorns sticking out.  In the spring beautiful pink flowers would bloom from this tree.  Its roots were huge and protruding from the ground making it impossible for grass to grow so our front yard always looked terrible. I was so happy to see it gone and called everyone I knew that had a fireplace to come and get some fire wood.  LOL

~ My grandchildren are the bomb haha.~   Each one has their own personality and they are my grandkids  ~  Im so proud of them.   There is never a day without so much tweeny drama ♥

Barbie is beautiful and so grown up, she's going to start working to help pay for insurance on the car she will be getting soon.  Now that she can drive all she needs is her license.............wooohooo!  On top of all that she is running for Homecoming Queen at her oh my where did the yrs go?  I still remember the  lil baby in a car seat on the back seat of her daddys car cruising the streets of  Fontana and  Rialto.  I better stop because Im tearing up.

Sweet lil Monica how I love you.  Still so beautiful and full of surprises, the child is so confused about life.  We all learn as we grow I just hope she makes the right choices.  Too bad we don't realize how great our parents really are when we are in our teen dilema's 'chuckle'

My two munchkins who are probably the ones responsible for keeping me young (hahaha) have grown so much I don't even recognize them sometimes.  Dino my prince is so beyond his years, but yet such a baby in so many ways.  He'll be in high school next year!!!  He is the youngest of my grandkids, and very talented in music, he can sing really well but just like boys he says he doesn't.  He is also smarter than he lets on BUT  he can also be a BRAT, then I have to beat him with kisses hahaha♥

My lil Daisy is Miss Fashionista, she looks like she walked out of a magazine with all the mod clothes she wears.  She can make an ugly dress look beautiful.  Such flair but yet around me she's still my lil girl who still loves to sit on my lap n cuddle (I have told her she'll be my lil Daisy even when she's a grandma) ....which makes me very happy and makes her laugh.  These two are well grounded, love the Lord, living for God and are involved in all church youth activities.

Michael who is my oldest grandson got all the cousins together after 3 years of not seeing each other and took them for a day of  fun fun fun.  I was very happy that he dropped in to see us too, because I've missed him very much.   His birthday on Oct 13 brought many memories of a blue eyed baby born 23 yrs ago and the realization that he's not a lil boy anymore, he's all grown up.   Wheww where do the years go?