Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

The happiest time of the year for me is Christmas.  I love going to the different stores and listening to Christmas carols while I browse around.   I love the many different beauiful ornaments and all the glittering lights every where I look.   I have noticed this year that not many people are putting Christmas lights outside in their yards, which makes me sad.   

It seems to me that while this economy crisis is going on for so many it is also a good time to stop and remember the reason for the season..........JESUS!     Christmas is not about how many presents/gifts we need to give our loved ones.   Being with our families doing simple things such as playing games or reading Christmas stories to our kids is one of the ways we can enjoy being together and is more meaningful.

Cooking is another one of the greatest things about this seasn.   Everyone loves to eat and in my household we make tamales, posole, menudo, empanadas and other delicious foods.

Lately I've been hearing on the radio that we are now supposed to say  'Happy Holidays'  instead of  "Merry Christmas".  Sheesh  don't 'they' understand that we are having a Merry Christmas and that is what makes our holiday happy.   '

Im on a borrowed computer and need to get off but I will leave  with this:


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Its Been A While

The lady in this picture says it all and shows how I felt when my computer wouldn't stay on!  I used to joke about throwing it out the window or bashing it with a hammer whenever it would give me problems or do something really weird, like go to sites I didn't ask for.  It finally stopped working one day just like that, zilch no more.  That is the reason I've been away from this blog for so long, and I was forced to crochet day and night.  I also forgot how to type (its coming back), or use any of the features I had learned 'lol' I guess.

Funny I never paid attention to prices on these machines when I saw them in the stores, but since I didn't pay for mine why would I?  My computer was a gift given to me by a very special niece.  That was the best deal (free) that I will ever find hahaha.  Now while I save my pennies Im hoping to run across another good deal....like really cheap.

Mean time so many special and not so special events have come and gone these past months, its unbelievable how time just flew by.  There was a family crisis which ended in a bad sort of way which didn't  make any sense to me then or even now.  Hurtful words  flying back and forth like arrows.  Stabbing stinking words ruining family relationships that might never be mended.  The way one apple can ruin a bushel of apples is exactly what happend in the human form, one person was all it took.  It reminds me of the scripture in the bible which says relative against relative...............you know which one.  Thank God for the blood which helps me keep quiet and lets Him fight my battles.  The mother bear in me was roaring! 

I am another year older and  the proud owner of a silver light weight 'walker' and a heavy duty brown 'cane' given to me by a relatve.  While I try real hard not to use them too much and force myself to move so I don't freeze up.  When I was young and wanted to drive a car I had to get a drivers license and take a driving test.  Now that Im old I have to 'Apply' for these contraptions to see if  I qualify through SSI, hahaha nothing has ever been easy...............Seriously I am thinking of getting a walker with a little seat so I can sit if Im in too much pain, even if I have to buy it myself. 

My granddaughter Barbie became an adult!  She is now 18 years old, eligible to enlist in the military, vote and drive a car..............where did the years goooo? 

My son Paul who also became a grandpa this year is now 40 years old, yikes!..........(met his granddaughter for the first time. *Devyn Lee, she is beautiful.)   Other grandkid's birthdays were celebrated by phone, cards or in person.

Halloween night we had Harvest Fest at our church with games, horse back rides and food.  It was a huge success.  Both my hubby and I worked in a booth helping  the kiddies pin the tail on the donkey.  Because of my aching back we left as soon as our shift was over.

Thanksgiving was a fabulous time of sitting around the table with family and friends.  Being noisy, talking and eating the scrumptious food cooked by my daugher Tiffany and different dishes brought by others.  Daddy even decided to join us for a while and it meant alot to me because mom wasn't here, I just wish my brother and Nancy had come.

The Santa Ana winds came in full force of 80 mph knocking down trees every where.  Our plantation looked like  the song says 'Home on the range'.  Tumble weeds were, in the pond the gardens everywhere you looked.  We were lucky that our electricity didn't go out as it did in LA where most of our relatives live.  They were without power for a couple of days, living by candle light and cuddling up at night to keep warm.  The wind was so cold it came right through the walls in my little house.  It was like living a modern day 'Little House On the Prairie' lol.  How did our ancestors do it!

It is 2:00am Sunday morning, my back is hurting and I can't sleep.  Since I am staying overnite with my granddaughter Daisy while her parents are in Palm Springs for a couple of days I thought it was a great idea  to use my grandsons's computer for a while.   To kinda release my thoughts which have been cramping my brain while being saved until I buy my new computer. 

What a doll Daisy is!  She made french toast for breakfast yesterday for herself and her friend Sophie, and called to ask if I would like some.  Of course I said yes.............I asked her why there was so much batter in the bowl and she admitted thats why she invited me because she had made toooooo much...............out of the mouths of babes hahaha.

It is now 3:30am, I took a pill (what kind doesn't matter none work) and going to lay down for a while.  Hopefully I can get a few winks before daylight.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to whoever might read this blog God bless you all  <3