Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saying Goodbye Again

Grandma Cucu
 On July 9, 2010  Bernardita Casados my mother in law closed her eyes and went to be with Jesus.  This was a very sad and emotional day for me because it was so close to the death of my mother just two weeks before on June 14,2010.  I was numb and devastated,  it was unbelievable that our two mothers were both gone forever.

'Bennie' died at home surrounded by her 4 daughters and 1 son (my husband), and her many grandchildren/great grandchildren  ranging in ages 6 mos to mid 40's.  She fell at home and broke her hip, shoulder, & arm. Per her request she asked that she not be given anything to keep her alive if she recovered from the operation.

My mother in law was so brave during the last week of her life, she made us all feel good about her dying. We all stood around her bed singing hymns and listening to her tell funny stories and sayings making all of us laugh.  She praised God to the end until when she finally went into a coma.

One by one as each of us stood before her she gave us her blessing and added a message for each back slid member of her family. She told us that she was so excited to finally be able to see Jesus and all her relatives that have already gone before her.

Bennie was loved by everyone who met her because she was the type of person who was kind and loving never saying anything negative about anyone. She became your mom or your grandma, thats the effect she had on everybody.  

She loved God, her Pastor Elms and her family, we always knew that grandma was praying for us no matter what.

Bernardita Casados
She will be missed but will be remembered for the great prayer warrior she was and the great example that she left us by letting us see how she worshiped Jesus until the end and never once complained.

I love you 'Bennie' RIP