Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't Talk To Me Im Counting!

Today is Monday and I had planned to crochet on my new project which needs to be finished by tomorrow night for the baby shower.  It has been a very busy morning,  I have either been on the phone or people have been dropping in and now my hub is home from work!!!  Where did the time go?  It was 9:00am when I sat down and it is now 3:00!

First  my daughter Tiffany text me and everyone else that my my son-in-law was scheduled for surgery on Wednesday at 7:30 am.  He has been having many problems with his back, neck, arms and hands after he was re-injured in the same area  HIS NECK.   Hopefully all the suffering and pain he's been going thru will end on Wednesday  God willing.    Of course once our family found out about all this everyone begin calling me for information since they couldn't get a hold of my daughter who is at work and cannot receive phone calls.  I crochet a row in between the phone calls and am getting no where fast lol.

Dino came to install the new Norton virus cd for me and it took quite a while, but I don't care because now I won't get any Trojan horses running across my screen lol.  I had been hoping that Nancy would come and do what she did last year and save me the expense, but she is too busy working.

My daughter-in-law Sylvia called to fill me in on my granddaughters' progress in school and just to chat for a while (1 hr haha).  We don't really talk as much as we once did so I didn't want to hang up.   Besides I love to hear about Monica and  Danelle since I hardly see them anymore.  Funny when they are babies and lil girls they can't get enough of being with grandma, and once they grow into teenagers they don't have time...sob.  She also let me know that things are going smooth for her now that she is in her 6th mo pregnancy.  The baby's name may be Anthony or Damien or both lol.  I finally found out what theme she may use for the baby's room.  Her little girl Alicia will have to share rooms with her new baby brother so she's thinking of having  Raggedy Ann & Andy as the docor.  This makes it so much easier for me as to what to crochet and the colors to use ....wheww.

My nephew Danny called to say that he was bringing his mother and my uncle Joe to visit with my parents for a while.  More interruptions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh well I really don't mind because they hardly ever come over.   My mom and dad are lonely and don't have any relatives near by that they can visit,  so this was a welcome surprise for them.

Just as I picked up my crochet hook my granddaughter walked in the door and said she was making bean & cheese burritos for dinner.  Her brother lil Dino walked in and saw what she was making and of course he wanted one too.  Then Tiffany walked in and sat down to chat with me and go over the surgery details for Wednesday.   Her husband came in shortly and we all sat around my little 'computer room'  watching You Tube listening to Pentecostal singing.  I love this room it is so cozy and comfy.  This is where I sit and read my daily bread and look out at the rainbow of colors the Lord sends my way every day.  This is my favorite room where I pray, cry, work on my computer, crochet on my many projects  and blog on my blog.  Needless to say I am not going to finish unless I stay up all night long.

PPss I only have 3 rooms lol

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cherries for Mothers Day

My husband had a surprise for me on Mothers day, he said we had to get up dressed and out of the house early.  I thought he wanted to go see his mother in LA,  but I had told him that she was going to church with his sister and wouldn't be home.  After trying to find out where we were going and getting no where I decided to just go along and see where he took me. 

When we got on the fwy going towards Barstow I thought  "we're going to Vegas!!"  oops wrong again.  He got on Hwy 138 going west and I couldn't imagine where we were going.   My brother Daniel lives in Canyon Country & was supposed to come to our house to take mom to lunch or dinner depending on what time he arrived.  Since I spoke to him right before we left my house & assured me he was coming in the late afternoon.  Ummm unless we were picking  him up and his girlfriend Nancy would go later for him,  hmmmm I just couldn't imagine what the deal was.   I also knew we weren't going to see my uncle Tony who lives in Filmore, because he doesn't like unexpected visits.

Helen a friend & co-worker used to go to Little Rock all the time & buy lugs of peaches.  That's how it became a favorite place of mine and we have been going there for years since our kids were small.   There are tiny little towns surrounded by farms & orchards.  At some of the farms you can enter and pick peaches off the trees.  Most of these peaches are big, ripe, sweet, juicy & delish.  I like to browse in all the antique shops and the outdoor yard sales.  Charlie Brown is also a favorite store that has lots of things to look at including food.  We always buy peaches and grapes, couple bags of  pistachios and a couple of giant pickles, my mouth is watering already just talking about those pickles.  We always end the day eating  lunch at one of the little restaurants on the strip and then drive back home.

This was my surprise!   About a month ago I had told my hub of a conversation I had with a sister from our church. She knew that I was having a lot of problems with my left foot getting swollen and not being able to wear shoes. She told me that she had heard or read that cherries could probably help me with the problem I have.  If I eat six (6) cherries a day for a month its supposed to stop the swelling.   There was just one problemo.......cherries were not in season yet.  That was why we came to be in Little Rock, to see if they had cherries.  They did and we stopped when we saw a  big sign that read  RIPE CHERRIES.  My hub got off and bought 2 bags.  I think this was the sweetest thing he could have done for me.  Only he knows how much I suffer from swelling and cramping on my foot.

Maybe this  will work and maybe it won't, but one thing I'm sure of is that I love my hub for thinking of me and driving almost 2 hrs just to see if Charlie Browns had any cherries .  ♥♥

My brother and Nancy along with her daughter Katherine (who we all met for the first time) got to my house shortly after we did.  We took mom  to El Torito restaurant and she seemed to be enjoying herself.   I know she was happy to see her son who hadn't come around for weeks,  I only hope she remembers this day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Walking Down The Aisle

I woke up early today so I could be ready when my friend Corrine came to pick me up. We had made plans the night before to go to Joann's Fabric store.   After I finished my usual daily routine of making my bed and picking up here and there I sat down to crochet on my new project while I waited for her.

She called around noon to ask if I would like to go eat lunch and that her husband was with her.  We ate at a  small Chinese restaurant near where I live and it was nice just talking and laughing while we waited for her daughter to come and join us.   I decided to ask my hub to go with me so I asked Corrine to drop me off at my house.     

After an afternoon siesta we left and went to the Dollar Tree store to look for Mother's Day cards for both our moms.  There were plenty of cards but no envelopes and the entire card section was a mess.  Ross store is right next door so I went and returned some towels I bought and don't want after all.

Finally we head on out to Joann's and I was amazed at all the sales there were. Everything was marked 40%, 50%, & even 90% off many items   I went through every aisle in the store or so it seemed and then I felt it.  A cramp was starting to form on the heel of my left foot and suddenly it happened so fast I almost fell over.  I couldn't walk and I know if anyone was looking at me they thought I must be crazy. I was hitting my foot on anything, the floor the edge of the tables etc.  It hurt soooo bad and I tried calling my hub but he didn't answer his cell.  I decided to limp as best I could towards the cashiers and pay for my stuff.  Any normal person would have just walked away and left everything there, not me.  I had found so many things at such wonderful prices I wasn't about to leave anything behind.

When I limped out of the store I had four bags full of yarn, easter items and a few other things I just couldn't resist.  The best part was the total, it came out to just $19.42.  Today was senior discount day on the total amount spent!  I  was so excited I almost forgot about my foot until I tried to walk out of the store.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Beginnings

Today is a clear beautiful balmy day, my hub & I are relaxing sitting outside. Its so quiet around here because the grandkids aren't home.  We had a long leisurely  breakfast, I made his favorite which he can eat any time of the day, huevos rancheros.  We are deciding whether to work around the yard or go for a long ride to Lil Rock and maybe stop by his mothers house.

Whatever we do it'll be ok because we're together .....