Thursday, May 6, 2010

Walking Down The Aisle

I woke up early today so I could be ready when my friend Corrine came to pick me up. We had made plans the night before to go to Joann's Fabric store.   After I finished my usual daily routine of making my bed and picking up here and there I sat down to crochet on my new project while I waited for her.

She called around noon to ask if I would like to go eat lunch and that her husband was with her.  We ate at a  small Chinese restaurant near where I live and it was nice just talking and laughing while we waited for her daughter to come and join us.   I decided to ask my hub to go with me so I asked Corrine to drop me off at my house.     

After an afternoon siesta we left and went to the Dollar Tree store to look for Mother's Day cards for both our moms.  There were plenty of cards but no envelopes and the entire card section was a mess.  Ross store is right next door so I went and returned some towels I bought and don't want after all.

Finally we head on out to Joann's and I was amazed at all the sales there were. Everything was marked 40%, 50%, & even 90% off many items   I went through every aisle in the store or so it seemed and then I felt it.  A cramp was starting to form on the heel of my left foot and suddenly it happened so fast I almost fell over.  I couldn't walk and I know if anyone was looking at me they thought I must be crazy. I was hitting my foot on anything, the floor the edge of the tables etc.  It hurt soooo bad and I tried calling my hub but he didn't answer his cell.  I decided to limp as best I could towards the cashiers and pay for my stuff.  Any normal person would have just walked away and left everything there, not me.  I had found so many things at such wonderful prices I wasn't about to leave anything behind.

When I limped out of the store I had four bags full of yarn, easter items and a few other things I just couldn't resist.  The best part was the total, it came out to just $19.42.  Today was senior discount day on the total amount spent!  I  was so excited I almost forgot about my foot until I tried to walk out of the store.

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