Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cherries for Mothers Day

My husband had a surprise for me on Mothers day, he said we had to get up dressed and out of the house early.  I thought he wanted to go see his mother in LA,  but I had told him that she was going to church with his sister and wouldn't be home.  After trying to find out where we were going and getting no where I decided to just go along and see where he took me. 

When we got on the fwy going towards Barstow I thought  "we're going to Vegas!!"  oops wrong again.  He got on Hwy 138 going west and I couldn't imagine where we were going.   My brother Daniel lives in Canyon Country & was supposed to come to our house to take mom to lunch or dinner depending on what time he arrived.  Since I spoke to him right before we left my house & assured me he was coming in the late afternoon.  Ummm unless we were picking  him up and his girlfriend Nancy would go later for him,  hmmmm I just couldn't imagine what the deal was.   I also knew we weren't going to see my uncle Tony who lives in Filmore, because he doesn't like unexpected visits.

Helen a friend & co-worker used to go to Little Rock all the time & buy lugs of peaches.  That's how it became a favorite place of mine and we have been going there for years since our kids were small.   There are tiny little towns surrounded by farms & orchards.  At some of the farms you can enter and pick peaches off the trees.  Most of these peaches are big, ripe, sweet, juicy & delish.  I like to browse in all the antique shops and the outdoor yard sales.  Charlie Brown is also a favorite store that has lots of things to look at including food.  We always buy peaches and grapes, couple bags of  pistachios and a couple of giant pickles, my mouth is watering already just talking about those pickles.  We always end the day eating  lunch at one of the little restaurants on the strip and then drive back home.

This was my surprise!   About a month ago I had told my hub of a conversation I had with a sister from our church. She knew that I was having a lot of problems with my left foot getting swollen and not being able to wear shoes. She told me that she had heard or read that cherries could probably help me with the problem I have.  If I eat six (6) cherries a day for a month its supposed to stop the swelling.   There was just one problemo.......cherries were not in season yet.  That was why we came to be in Little Rock, to see if they had cherries.  They did and we stopped when we saw a  big sign that read  RIPE CHERRIES.  My hub got off and bought 2 bags.  I think this was the sweetest thing he could have done for me.  Only he knows how much I suffer from swelling and cramping on my foot.

Maybe this  will work and maybe it won't, but one thing I'm sure of is that I love my hub for thinking of me and driving almost 2 hrs just to see if Charlie Browns had any cherries .  ♥♥

My brother and Nancy along with her daughter Katherine (who we all met for the first time) got to my house shortly after we did.  We took mom  to El Torito restaurant and she seemed to be enjoying herself.   I know she was happy to see her son who hadn't come around for weeks,  I only hope she remembers this day.

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