Monday, March 1, 2010

A Long Journey

Last summer my father was admitted into the hospital for heart problems. I stayed with my mother who is  diabetic, does not see very well to help her with whatever she might need. Mom who is 81 yrs old has always kept things to herself so as not to worry anyone. If she was sick she would never say anything.   That is the reason I was unaware of the many problems she was having which I had simply thought was due to old age. I saw that my mother's constant forgetfulness was serious and after talking to her doctor understood that my mom had Dementia from which there is no cure. After many trips back and forth my family & I decided my parents would have to move closer to us. My son-in-law built a small studio apt for them on our property to live in. 
The last few months have been the beginning of a journey which only time will tell how far or how long my mother will be able to remember. Daily I see the changes that come over her, not only is her memory rapidly deteriorating, but she has limited vision from one eye and none from the other.   
My mom was soft spoken, patient, kind, sweet, and would never raise her voice at anyone. The woman she becomes when her moods change is defiant at times and very feisty. I try to motivate her by suggesting she do simple things such as taking a walk or sitting outside. Her answer is always no, she is very depressed and cries constantly. I know that she doesn't understand many things we say by the way she looks at us, especially if we tell her she has already asked the same thing 4 times. 
I give all the praise to my God for the strength he gives me to cope in seeing my mother this way. I thank God for my husband and am blessed to have a wonderful daughter & son-in-law.  Knowing I have their support means alot to me. 
A mother is precious and should be honored and not taken for granted, she is someone who can never be replaced. I didn't write this to get a pity party, but because maybe someone going through the same thing will read this and no they are not alone.

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