Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Computer

I was a Key Punch Operator for 40 years. My experience goes back to the first key punch machine when cards were used. As we punched (typed) information it actually punched holes into the card and then put through another machine that would interpret info on paper. I think throughout those years I might have worked with at least 10 different types of key punch machines. Mohawk and IBM are a couple that I can think of right away but I know there were others.
My very first job was at Texaco Oil Co. The year I worked there I became quite speedy and accurate while being trained, and since I enjoyed typing I learned fast. As time passed I moved on to other jobs with different companies using newer machines and learning everything I could. After many years my title was changed to Data Entry operator, there was no more need for key pch operators. The basics were similar but there was no need for speed which I was used to while working at companies who paid for production & accuracy.
Then came these new computers that practically talk and ding at you when you do something wrong....how could anyone not know how to use it? Easy it has put me to shame! Must be old age haha because I cannot  retain any info in my brain to remember how to do anything which is so frustrating.  My grandchildren laugh and can't believe how I have so many problems. They can do lots of things like pasting  and sending and copying etc.  I just can not understand why MY computer goes on the blitz all the time. I get error messages and music that I enjoy listening to just just shuts off or the computer freezes up. Im dumbfounded  because I don't know what to do. My cousin Joseph is so good about helping me and my friend Nancy who knows computers backwards and forward have come to my rescue.  I wish that I could be the one to conquer the problem, so I can say  'Yay I did it'!  Nothing happens except my just wanting to hit it with a hammer or throw it away & buying a new computer. Everyday I have problems and have to walk away before I do something drastic.
Face Book and these different blogs that allow you to keep up with people you never see or to get in touch with someone quickly are just so awesome and wonderful. My friend has suggested that we take a class on computer literacy since she has the same problems as I do. I also have my hubby's blessings and that's only because he's tired of hearing me groan and moan about this wonderful machine.
Who ever thought modern technology would be so simple that after 40 years I wouldn't be able to understand what to do?  I promise I was one of the best operators that ever worked.....

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