Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Monica

Fifteen years ago a beautiful baby girl was born. I know people will say Im partial because she's my granddaughter.  BUT, she really was the cutest and the best baby I have to this day ever met or known. Monica rarely cried unless she needed a diaper change or a bottle. She was such a good baby doll, and her mama was very lucky.  I don't ever remember knowing anyone family or friends having a quiet calm baby like her.  I'd sometimes forget she was at my house because she didn't make any noise. If you played or gave her attention she would giggle & goo goo just like any other baby.
As we saw her grow we noticed that she loved books, so we always knew where to find her.....sitting by my bookcase which was full of books. It was so cute because she was so tiny, but she would stare at whatever book she had as if she was really reading. She was always looking at magazines and would pick up books wherever she was. She learned how to read very well and also did well in school.

 Monica was dedicated to the Lord when she was a little girl, been to Sunday School and heard many messages preached. When she comes to visit on a weekend  is the only times that she may go to church, but I know that the Lord has his hand on her and will protect her.

Unfortunately as in many families, her parents are no longer together. She has been thru many changes which have had a great impact in her life. Now these changes find her struggling to find where she fits in or what she should do. The life of a teen is hard enough but without the Lord its ten times harder.  I pray that one day she'll turn her life over to Him.

God Bless You my precious Monica I love you very much  ♥♥♥.

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