Friday, February 19, 2010

Keep your mind on Jesus

My desire is to follow Jesus and my prayer tonight is that He keep His hand on all my grandchildren and protect them with his blood.

Destinee my beautiful Daisy, very fun loving, outgoing and always singing praises to the Lord
Dino my Prince Charming an all American boy playing, singing, painting and serving the Lord.
Monica my beautiful porscellin doll, it breaks my heart to see how much you are hurting. I only wish that I could some how take away your pain and show you that there are no shortcuts to maturity.
Danelle you are and will always be my beautiful Barbie doll even with your dyed black hair.
Alycia my lil foster grandbaby you are too cute for words.
Paulina, Diamond, Adrianna, Krystal, Mikey, David, Gabriel I love you all very much

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