Thursday, February 25, 2010

                                  Spring & April Showers   
Today started off with a delishus breakfast cooked by my son-in-law Dino, I love to tease him and call him my outlaw lol. My parents, husband and I enjoyed country potatoes, bacon & eggs, our choice of  flour tortillas with butter or english muffins. We sat around the table eating and talking for a nice time of fellowship. It was nice having my daughter Tiffany with us too since she has been off from work, sick with a viral infection.
After breakfast my hub and I took advantage of this gorgeous day. We went the long way every where, doing all our shopping and errands taking our time.  There is still snow on the mountain tops surrounding the IE, but the day & weather gave a hint of Spring & the April showers soon to come. I enjoy working in my gardens and I love Spring, because its a time when I see everything come to life. The trees get their leaves back, the ducks come to our pond, and we see rabbits out in the fields. Oh how wonderful my Lord is to let me see and be a part of all this beauty all around me.

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