Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hopefully all the people that want to come and celebrate with us at this Magical Party for my granddaughter  have  made  contact with my daughter.

Excitement is in the air and after all the stress, nevousness and confusion everyone is slowly calming down.  Everything is coming together beautifully and its gonna be beautiful.  The son in law has totally redone the  pond area and it now looks like a botanical garden. A good job has been done to cover up what that horrible heat we had the last couple of months dried up.  Whewwww all in all everything will look nice.

Catering, tables, chairs etc have all been ordered and will be delivered on Fri the day before the party.  All the running around from store to store buying extra or misc things are coming to an end.  Hmm gonna miss all those lunch dates I had with my daughter Tiffany.  

Today the inevitable happened, after hoping that all would keep going smoothly.   The company who printed my granddaughters name on napkins for party, totally did  a shoddy job.  The vendor was trying to convince us that  it looked alright................NO I don't think so.  I  got my money back....oh yeah, no way am I gonna wait each month for my SS and hand it over to someone who doesn't care one way or the other! lolol  

                                    Happy Sweet Sixteenth Birthday

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