Saturday, June 23, 2012

Graduation Parties

Today we are in LA for my nephew Anthony's graduation party. So many people and then we realize that its all family with a few school friends.

 We have been to so many graduation parties this month and last, and I still have two more.  I am so not kidding. Im going broke! lolol

I remember when I graduated it was no big deal just an accomplishment that was supposed to happen in life, no hoopla.   I wish that my parents had done what these parents are doing for these kids or at least take some pictures......o well no use crying over spilled milk.  I must admit that I have my cap n gown photos taken at the school.

Now to get myself ready for the long ride home uuggh! What am I saying I love to go for long rides, but  only when Im going someplace interesting. 

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