Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'll Always Love My Mama


Happy Birthday Mom

Mom was born in a small town in Oklahoma and while she was very young her parents moved back to Mexico (never really found out the reason why).   Her mother died in Mexico when she was very young and her father moved his family back to Oklahoma and a few years later remarried.   Having many relatives in Texas her father would take his family (4 sons & 5 daughters) to visit the Texas family on various holidays and other  get togethers.

My grandfather was well off financially and was also well known in the small town they lived in Oklahoma.   He took good care of his family but he was very strict with his daughters forbidding them to talk to 'boys' or date anyone.   The girls always had to be with other people and never alone with a guy. He was more easy going with his sons because back in the day 'boys' were of the male gender! 

After meeting my dad (at a  family wedding) she fell in love and her life was not to be the same.    Long story short  she defied her father and without his permission got married and gave up everything from her past and never looked back.   I never heard her complain or say she regretted doing what she did. 

      These are my parents right after they got married in 1948.  

M y parents moved to Los Angeles (Glendale) California seven years after they married.   She had to get a job to help ends meet at home and worked 30 years for the same company until it went under.  They then moved to the IE and she worked for another 10 years before she became sick and had to quit working permanently.   She was a hard working woman getting up very early and taking the bus to and from work everyday.   I don't ever remember coming home from school and her being there.   She never missed work for any reason unless it was an emergency  or called in sick, she always went to work sick or not.   My parents always said that if your gonna be sick at home you could be sick at work too, and  may as well get paid for it so they would do just that and go to work.

I miss her very much and sometimes just knowing I can't call her anymore when I need to talk..............its very lonely not having her in my life.

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