Monday, April 18, 2011

My Lil Daisy

Many years ago  while shopping I bought a pillow.   This was printed on it along with a cute picture of little kids.
  "If I had known grandchildren were so much fun I would have had them first".
I have many grandchildren, eleven in all and they are all special in my heart.   I love babies and I have adopted three with their mommy's permission lol.    All my grandchildren are unique in their own way, each one with different personalities.   I don't see half of them and its very hard sometimes, but because of different circumstances in life thats the way it is for now or maybe forever.

Eating dinner at my daughter's house with the family this evening I made a nice hot beef stew for her because she is sick with a nasty cold again.   I took the dress that I crochet'ed for Daisy which hopefully she'll wear on  Easter Sunday.   After asking her to try it on so I could see how it looked and see if there was any adjusting that needed to be done.   It got so emotional for me with the episode that followed after dinner.   I got teary eyed and had to make a quick exit and leave before I started bawling like a baby. 

This is what took place:    ~ We think our kids don't listen when they're in church!!!~
Daisy:    "grandma I have to wear a blouse under this dress because you can see right through it".     Me:  "Buy a slip and dye it".     Daisy:   "Pastor Booker said we can't show these two bones (pointing at herself), so just add a higher collar."   Me:   (rolling my eyes at the trouble I'll have to go through!):   " I'll see what I can do."   The dress is nice and the neckline is a bit too open so now Im busily taking it apart and redoing one more time, to make it look the way she wants it.   She loves the dress but as she said it needs a little bit of altering here and there.

'Raise up a child.......'     To have this conviction for the way she dresses and looks, is just a testimony of how her upbringing and thinking are.   Amazing and Awesome. 

I did not get offended or hurt, I will gladly alter the dress because she is very serious about this because she was listening to her Pastor.

Thank you Jesus for a Pastor that cares and speaks in a way that even little children understand and agree with what he says.

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  1. AWESOME!!!! So glad that our children are being pastored by a man who is loving and straightforward. Destinee is a wonderful young lady who is doing a great job at living for the Lord, modestly and with conviction!!! You are a great grandma too, to take the time and listen to this child, and then do what you can to make sure she lives out her convictions!! Love you Mama C!!!