Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Haven't been on here for a few days and the reason is that there aren't enough hours in the day.  I get up early enough thinking that today will be the day I will accomplish ...........whatever, but it doesn't happen that way any more.

Nowadays I need to keep a daily calendar handy.   I,  me,  moi  the one who used to remember everything and never wrote anything down.   All of a sudden I can't  remember when daddy's doctor appointments are!    My fear, and its normal from what I understand is that I develop that dreadful decease DEMENTIA that took my mom.     Also, because dad looks so sad most of the time I can't tell him no when he asks if I'll take him to different stores.  He doesn't need or lack anything he just wants to go somewhere and who can blame him?   He's very lonely without my mom.    So, while I could be crocheting or cleaning house I find myself driving all over the IE taking him to buy this or that.  I do have a lot on my mind, but with the Lords help I know I will make it through these days of taking care of my dad.   I also thank God for giving me a  husband who never complains because he knows and understands what my dad is going through.

My crochet days are of the past for the time being, right now I have about three crochet projects going....yes 3 projects.   I'll sit and work for a little while before the phone, my dad, my husband, or someone comes over and I have to stop till later which sometimes later never comes.

I did manage to finish a skirt for lil Ms Daisy and I was very pleased with the way it turned out.   She wore it the night of the SoCal service we had at the church and I happened to be there and  I received a lot of compliments.   Im happy that she wears what I make for her so I always ask her what she likes.  She is very easy to please and everything looks so cute on her because she's so tiny.   

I crocheted a dress for her which she insisted on picking out the colors and I just now  months later was able to finish.  Realizing after the fact that she is now a young lady and that dress style is more for a little girl.   I will have to undo and see what I can come up with in those colors which are shocking pink and lime 'physcodelic' green.   Thats what I like about cutting just find the beginning and pulling on  the thread.

This dress is supposed to be a skirt for an adult woman, but with a thick wide waist it can be used as a sundress.  Making the length longer and the top part wider I managed to make it look like a dress fit for a Pentecostal girl.  Excuse me............a little girl.  Its very cute but I now know that Ms Daisy has to wear clothes that are more mature and make HER look cute, not the other way around.

I have more to post but I'll save that for tomorrow.

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