Saturday, May 7, 2011

 Tomorrow is mothers day, and its just another reminder that my mom is no longer here.   I don't even want to go to church  because I know that everyone around me including my daughter will be smiling and wishing each other a good day.   Is it morbid to feel this way? 

 In the past I would call her in the morning and gab for a while, jokingly telling her that she was my mom everyday so why the big deal lol.   We always went after church to visit and either she made something to eat or I would buy something.   I can't believe that I actually missed a few mothers days because of lame excuses.  We never know what the future holds and like me its too late.      

I think of you every day and I miss you more than ever.
So Im writing this today because I know that tomorrow will be too hard to deal with and I wanted you to know that you'll never be forgotten.  
I love you Mom,
Your daughter  Margaret (Mage')

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