Friday, May 20, 2011

Crochet Is In

 I just read on Woman's Day magazine that crochet and knitting are in like really big.   There are a lot of men who are picking up on this craft also.   Not only are people making clothes that are beautiful (dresses, skirts, gloves, scarves etc) but crochet is now being used as an art too.

Even though I can't create my own patterns as many talented women do, I enjoy to crochet using their patterns from the different magazines I have.   I mix different patterns to create what I envision and no one knows or can tell the difference.    Most of the time I love the end result.   I do have to LOVE you very much to crochet something very complicated or time consuming for someone.  LOL

These pictures I got from the magazine are just awesome and Im sure it took more than one person to complete this project and tons and tons of yarn.  LOL

Mexico City Bus


These cupcakes would be  really great used for table arrangements, or instead of a bow on top of a gift what better than a cupcake just to be different.   Think Im gonna crochet some for my husband who has a sweet tooth and put them in a box for his birthday next month.

Spider Web Doily

What a great way to capture attention during Halloween!   Or just to catch critters that this doily might attract especially using different colors.   This too must have been oodles of thread.

My word, Miss Daisy would be the talk of the IE if I were to crochet this project for her.   LOL   It is so awesome and so much work that went into this project.


How comfortable and colorful this waiting room is.   It sure is different from any I've been in.   Who thinks of these ideas?


What an idea!   Maybe I should crochet the organ at church lololol.   I wonder what Sis Jana would say and if she would like it let alone Pastor Booker's reaction!   A small version of this picture would be an awesome gift for someone who loves to play piano.   Hhmmm thinking mmm better not start anything I know I won't finish for a long time.

Balloon Girl

I would love to crochet this project and hang it from a tall building just for laughs.   Or maybe to use at a party as decoration?   So many ideas come to mind.

These are all the fun projects from people like me who like to crochet and enjoy doing it.    The good thing about crochet is that when there is a mistake we just pull on the yarn and undo away.

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  1. LOVE IT!!! But Bro. B would probably NOT! :-D