Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Graduation Day

Two days after Mothers Day, I feel better and life can go on until next month which will be worse because it is the one year anniversary of my mothers death.  Lord give me strength.

Now I have to concentrate on our Barbie girl aka Danelle.   That's my granddaughter who is going to graduate next month in June, which sounds far away but in reality its only about two weeks away.

First there's the ceremony which she has decided that she would like to have her dad my son attend.   Will wonders never cease?   I made double sure before asking him and asked her again if she still wanted him to be at her graduation.   She said yes she wants her daddy there.   I spoke to Paul today and let him know, he was really excited about the fact Barbie wants him there.   We will pick him up and be there for the ceremony  and coming home right after its over.   Barbie will go to parties or whatever she has planned.  

Then there's the party which her mother has planned for a week after the graduation, she doesn't want both events on the same day.   Needless to say her daddy is not invited to this affair for known reasons.

Im excited and am helping  Silvia with the planning and decorating since Tiffany might not be there.   Im hoping that shrimp and ceviche are two of the dishes for the menu.   We have decided that buying  lots of cupcakes is a much better idea since it will avoid having to cut slices of cake and serving everyone.   This way anyone who feels like eating something sweet can get up and get their own or not........yea!


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