Sunday, May 29, 2011

All In The Family

Martin Family

The entire family got involved in working around the plantation on Saturday.  After all the rain we've had the weeds were about 3 ft tall and the grass needed a good mowing down to the nitty gritty.   A lot of the flowers and plants needed to be thrown or transplanted.

We're having a BBQ on Memorial Day, some family members and friends will be coming by to spend the day with us.   Of course that was more reason to clean up the yard.   My granddaughter Daisy was busy cleaning inside the house doing laundry, vacuuming and dusting.   I do not understand the logic of having a clean spotless house when you invite people over!   The house is gonna end up the same way as it was before it got cleaned!  

Dino Sr

Dino has to be very careful in the things he does because of his neck injury, but whenever he works around the house he  always makes the yard look very neat and trim.   He takes great care in how and what he does making sure its perfect.   He should have been a gardener among everything else that he should be lol.

My daughter Tiffany loves flowers, the way they smell, the beauty of all that goes into a beautiful yard.......... BUT she hates to do yard work.   She really doesn't know how to care for them either but she tries.   I can place the most beautiful bush, plant or flower in or around her house and it will die because she doesn't water it enough or at all.   lololol    She would rather pay professionals to do the yard work and landscaping, but of course she can't afford it.    Maybe she'll win the Lotto?   This property is quite large and has seven different sections all around the house that need weeding, pruning, mowing or just a quick manicure.    This is not counting the three sections on my side of the property.   lololol.

Tiffany worked very hard pulling weeds and making the over grown flower garden look very nice and neat.    At some point I must have put ornamental white rocks around a plant or flower here and there, she managed to find a lot of which had sunk down into the ground.   She did an awesome job and the flower areas look really great.  

Grandpa Tata Bobby
My husband was out in the dirt field trying to cut down and pull out all the dried weeds which turn into deadly pickers.   Someone usually steps on these and they get stuck on the bottom of their shoes then walking  into the house with these same shoes (where someone like me who loves to walk barefoot will always step on one) will leave pickers on stuck on the carpet.    I never realized that a clean space with just dirt can look very nice.   Too bad weeds grow any where they please.   My hubby did an awesome job.

There was some talk about fixing the bridge going over the pond before it caves into the water when someone walks on it.   That I suppose can be put on hold for the time being, but we definitely have to put something to block the pathway.

All in all everybody did a great fantastic job around the property.   I love my gardens and enjoy being outdoors seeing the beauty of what the Lord has given us.

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