Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial DaY

We had a barbeque out on our back yard with lots of food and drinks celebrating this Memorial Day.   We decorated with red white and blue colors making everything look pretty and festive.   Many friends came along with a lot of family from Los Angeles.   It was a perfect day with beautiful weather and time for fellowship and play.

There was so much food and drinks;  B'Bque ribs, hot dogs and chicken.   Potato salad, fruit salad, chile beans, and chips n dips.  Sodas and water, cakes/cup cakes Im getting full again just thinking about it. LOL  It was all buffet and it was come one come all eat what you want whenever you want, no servers on this day.

There were kids walking or playing everywhere, along the pond, in the street or driving Lil Dino's small tractor that grandpa gave him.   Even some of the girls tried it and I think they did ok on it.  

We had a surprise visit from my sis-in-law Maxine and enjoyed visiting with her.   It's a long two hour drive most of the time from the IE to LA so we don't see much of our family too often.

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