Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where Did The Year Go - Six Months of Our Lives

My parents

I have been neglecting this blog for many reasons.  So many things have been
happening I can't even remember what, where or when sometimes lol.   I know that the year is already half over and its also going to be the one year anniversary of my mom's passing this month of June.  
                 ♥♥ I miss her so much♥♥
Dad is so very lonely and been getting sick a lot lately.   The latest sickness is a very bad infection on his ankle.   He'll have to be injected (by me no less) with an antibiotic every 8 hrs for the next 10 days.   Its very serious and the doctor says if not treated religiously he could lose the leg or his life!     ~ News I would rather not have heard.  ~

Mom & Daisy
My lil Daisy aka Destinee, my sweet, loving granddaughter. She is growing so fast and becoming a beautiful young lady.    The years have a way of passing and I didn't realize the changes going on before my eyes...choke...... She's in high school.......gulp. ..she even has a 'special friend'.   Nowadays  I have to make appointments if I want see her because she is sooo busy with her own lil world lol.   Im so thankful that Daisy loves church and is part of the youth group,God has His hand on her.  

Lil Dino

My youngest grandson 'Lil Dino graduated from middle school this month.  I am so happy for him, throughout the ceremony I was very teary eyed.   Possibly the sadness/joy I was feeling is because not only is he getting older, but he is the baby of my family.   He is my baby boy who has been around me and his grandpa since birth.   We've watched Dino grow into the young man he is and we love him very much.   ~Gulp~ mush mush!.   My daughter invited a few friends for lunch in celebration of his graduation day and it turned out very nice.   Dino was very excited and had a good time with his friends, driving the tractor  his grandpa gave him.   He will be going into high school in the fall and that will be so strange but awesome. 

Mom & Josh

My nephew Josh who lives in Virginia has enlisted into the Navy and is waiting to be sent hopefully here to California.   His wife Shannon and his son Nicky will be coming home to live with her parents while Josh is in training .   I pray that God keeps him safe and he doesn't ever have to go to war.

Tiffany & Paul
We've had a lot of drama in the past years with my son Paul.  He is doing much better now and hopefully soon he will find a place and settle down.   God is good and I am praying in Jesus Name to protect Paul and help him adjust in life.   Im trusting in Jesus.  


My granddaughter Paulina who is my son Paul's daughter has made my husband & I great grand-parents.   She had a beautiful little baby girl who she named Devyn Lee.   I haven't met her yet and have only seen pictures of her on Face Book.   Maybe someday I will meet her and hold her.


This is Devyn who is now about six months old and from what I understand is rolling over on her own and making all the goo goo noises that every baby does.   Very cute ♥ 


The resemblance between my granddaughter and mom is so amazing.   Photos I have of mom when she was young and of Monica are so tender because they look so much alike ~ to me anyway~.   Monica  who I call Muneca because she's beautiful and tiny like a doll.    I just love her to smitherings.   I pray the Lord keeps His hand over her always as she grows into a young adult woman.
Mom & Monica

Adrian our lil angel 

God has sent a special angel to our extended family, he is little Adrian!    A beautiful special baby boy that we all fell in love with instantly, feeling a special tenderness towards him.    He isn't my grandson thru blood but he is mine none the less, since his mama is like a daughter to me.       

My granddaughter Danelle aka Barbie is going to graduate and will be eighteen years in a few months.   She is a big help to her mom with baby Adrian.   I look at her and ask 'where did the years go!'

♥♥ Love my grandkids ♥♥

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