Monday, June 27, 2011

Danelle's Graduation

Danelle Rae Casados 

  Yay!!!!   She did it!!!   She has graduated and now for bigger and better things to come!!!!

500 graduates 
  We are so proud of Danelle aka Barbie.   She walked down that path in front of hundreds of parents and friends to receive her diploma.   She worked very hard for this day and now she would like to go into the medical field and become a nurse.
   I have told her to reach for the highest star and she will get there if she strives for it.  * Im so happy that she hasn't mentioned the 'M' word (marriage).*   lol  

Hi family
   She has graduated at a young age and won't be 18 until December.   At that time she plans on moving and living with an aunt to be closer to the college she wants to attend.   It will be hard on her mom seeing her little girl leave the nest but we can't stop our kids from that day that comes too soon.   Her sister Monica will miss her very much too, and probably be very lonely without Barbie.    My granddaughters are a year apart and have been very close all their lives.   They have weathered the storms of living without their dad; and living in a single parent home.   
There is just so much we can tell our kids and hope that they listen and take our good advice (did we take our parents advice?).     She's young beautiful and so full of life.............God please keep your hand on my Barbie, protect her and show her the right path as she steps into her future destination.
Proud dad & daughter
Daddy & his girls


proud grampy's n daddy

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