Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

      Sunday is Fathers Day and time for us to honor these men for who they are and what they do for us.  

There is a person who I would like to talk about for a few lines of this blog.   His name is Juan and he is the perfect example of a man who is a father to children not being his own.   The saying that because you sire a child does not make you a daddy but only a sperm donor is so true in this case.   Juan has been in Monica and Danelle's lives for a few years and has been a 'father' to them.   He is the one who has been there through the everyday life of childhood and teenage  ups and downs.

He is a hard working man supporting his family which include my two granddaughters and two children he has with their mother.   I also know that he'll drive the girls to parties or events.    He'll stay up late to pick them up at night making sure they have a ride home so Sylvia won't worry.   He has earned their trust and is the one they go to when they need someone to talk with or need a shoulder to cry on.

Their biological dad isn't in the picture much and in my book of life they are very lucky to have Juan as their 'daddy'.

             Happy Fathers Day to all the daddy's out there.

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