Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day Surprise

We had a surprise visit from my brother Daniel today, who drove here all the way from Canyon country to visit with our dad for Fathers Day.   (Surprise!)  He invited me to go with them to a restaurant to eat breakfast and we ended up at Taco Joe's which is a favorite of mine. 

The three of us ordered menudo which was the worst I've tasted ever uugghh!.    None of us liked it, either the chef doesn't know how to make menudo or it was his first time.   It was lukewarm and thick almost like a stew.   Menudo has got to be  fire HOT.    ~I hate warm food~    We had a nice time talking and remembering mom's cooking.   My husband loved menudo the way she made it.   Her tortillas were so delicious we could sit there and get full just on tortillas and butter lol.      Oh how I miss her ~gulp~

Back at the house we visited a while longer and because of the long ride home Daniel had to leave.   Im really glad he came to see dad, he is very lonely and misses his son.   I wish that he could go live with Daniel or at least stay for a few weeks.   We're waiting to see if my brother can get a two bedroom apartment in the complex he lives in right now.

I went to my daughter's house for lunch, we had ribs and potato salad.   Her Fathers Day gift to her dad was shrimp cocktail  which is his favorite.    Brownies with ice cream for my son in law and a cake for my husband.   It was a beautiful day and a very nice family time. 

Thank you Lord for another year with my dad. 

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