Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Grandma My Hero

       I came across alot of old family photos on my cousin-in-law's blog, some of which were of my paternal grandmother Eustacia Mora.  ( My own children called her GrandmaLita because they could not say 'abuelita').   I borrowed a few of these pictures for my own family photo album. 
       My grandmother was born and raised in Texas and married at a very young age.   She had fifteen (yes 15) kids of which ten survived.   I can't even imagine how devastating it must have been for her to have stillborn babies or have them die because of sickness.   My grandfather also died at a young age, leaving GrandmaLita a widow but she never remarried.   Being a single parent in those days was hard and I know that is what made her the strong person she became through out the rest of her years until her death.   

G'ma Lita & cuz Johnny Childress
         GrandmaLita lived a very hard life on a farm with no electricity, running water or gas for cooking.   *Nowadays we complain if we don't have more than one bathroom!    Can you imagine taking your kids to an outhouse in the cold, or middle of the night?*    She raised her family of ten and also helped my grandfather feed the animals and work in the fields, plowing or whatever they did in those days.
        Losing the farm when my grandfather died she decided to move into a housing project in a small town nearby.   Some of the older children got married while others that could went to work in the city to help her make ends meet.    A few years later in the 60's she moved to California where she remained until the end of her days.
Happy Birthday!
       I remember my grandma being a very strong and healthy  woman who rarely got sick and never went to see a doctor until very late in life when she was old and frail.   She never went to a dentist until she was about 60 years old!   She was my hero; loving, kind, and always there with a smile. 

at convalescent home with blanket I crochet

some cuzins at g'ma Lita' funeral

some familia at gravesite

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