Monday, March 28, 2011

Flowers In My Garden

 This was my little popcorn head. My granddaughter Danelle.  She was adorable and lived with us when she was born so she became everyone's baby. No, she wasn't spoiled and I don't say that because Im her grandma but because its true. She was a good baby who slept well in the night and hardly ever cried, once you took care of her business she was fine.  She let everyone dress her up like a little doll baby and smiled the whole time.
Now this little baby is all grown up and will be graduating in June of this year. She was never brilliant in school but managed to get by and pass her classes. She struggled more than most kids her age, but look at her now.  It was touch and go for a while and both her mother and I didn't think she would make it.  But we're so proud to say she really buckled down and worked real hard on all her classes.  Im so excited for her because this gives her confidence in herself that she can do what ever she sets her mind on.

This is Danelle with her special baby brother Adrian. She is so good with him and is always helping her mother in caring for him.  With three sisters he gets all the attention he needs and then some.

 Danelle and Destinee having a good time on Monica's (my 3rd granddaughter) birthday, taking pictures of each other.  I don't see my granddaughters as much as I'd like to so I wanted to go visit them and at the same time be able to see lil Adrian my 'grandson'.

Time goes by so fast that soon they'll be all grown up and who knows what God has in store for them.  I just pray that he keeps his hand on them  through out their futures.  Monica and Danelle are special to me because they don't see their father (my son) at all, and I want them to know that Im here for them.  Im so very thankful that their mother lets me talk and see them as much as possible. I have always felt that Sylvia was a daughter to me even when my son left and I am very proud of the way she raised the girls by herself.

 Monica will be next and we are all encouraging her to do good in school so she can graduate too.  I worry about her because of the three girls she is the one who I think has deep hurts regarding her daddy.  She tries to act 'tuff' but I know my baby girl is as soft as a lamb.





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  1. You are a great Mom and Grandma!!! I know your prayers for these beautiful granddaughters are being heard by heaven! Keep praying and encouraging! These girls have GREAT potential and are GORGEOUS!!! You are blessed with not only one beautiful granddaughter but by 5!

    Love you Mama C!