Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Senior Moment

As I pray for Japan I will pray for this person too!
Why are some people so full of hot air in the brain that they think what ever they do is going to be acceptable and forgiven no matter what?
I have a problem with this especially when promises are made and not kept.  Why would someone offer and be so kind and generous and then not go through what they are supposed to do?     I wonder if its just me that thinks this way.
Another pet peeve of mine are people who cannot ever be on time and keep you waiting for hours.  OR offering  their help and then taking forever to finish. 
Im really upset because this just happened to me and this person was so kind and generously offered to do something for me.  After careful written instructions and measurements on what I wanted done, almost a month later Im still waiting.  I have made many phone calls which went unanswered and sent text messages which were also ignored.  By going thru an outside source I finally reached said person who informed me that they do not check their phone for messages or hardly ever answer their phone, PHOOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Is it wrong to call them liars?   How do I know if its true or not?
Why, why, why?   I asked myself knowing how this person is did I ever let them convince me  to do me any favor.  I truly forgot how they do not keep their word and how forgetful they are too.   Also; in my brainless senior moment I forgot how they never finish anything they start until weeks or months later.   
Today they promised to be here by 4pm to bring my unfinished 'stuff.'    BECAUSE I really need my 'stuff'  finished or not I canceled plans of visiting a friend who just got out of the hospital, and instead went with my daughter to a doctor appointment.   We took her kids out for lunch and treated ourselves to a mani/pedi but made sure we were home by  4:00.......................................... They didn't show up!................................   At 5:45 they called to say they weren't gonna make it (oh really) would it be alright to come later.  Aarrgghh!!!     What could I say except YES....(I need my stuff just get it here!)
They never came or called and Im still waiting for my things.  Im sure that tomorrow I will receive a phone call telling me why they didn't get here.  Did I learn a lesson?  I sure did!  Never ever talk to this person again after they bring my things back.   Never believe anything they say because its not true.  Last but not least NEVER answer the phone when I see that number or name pop up on my screen.      

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