Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Is In The Air

The first day of Spring was very cold and windy, with lots of rain all day long.  The clouds were dark and angry looking covering the entire sky.  The sun would peek through every once in a while but it didn't have a chance with all the rain we had.  There was hail falling in the late afternoon and lots of snow in the mountains again. 

It was a day to sit around the fireplace with a good book, drinking a cup of chocolate or coffee.    It was not a day to be out in the streets if you didn't have to.  Being afraid of hydroplaning on the freeways I always take the streets when it rains.   In my opinion people don't know how to drive in the rain.   

Today I was forced to go out among all those people who drive without a care in the world speeding where ever they are going.   My dad had a doctor appointment to see a Cardio Vascular Specialist.  Praise God that we just have to drive about a mile to the doctors office from our house.  The only problem is the parking, or lack of parking.  With rain pouring down on me after having left dad by the front door and then having to park about a block from the building I managed to get very WET!

The specialist has decided that he'll perform an angio-gram and will inject a dye to see how clogged the arteries are.  If he can repair the arteries during this procedure he will do so but he won't know until that day.   Dad has an ulcer (sore) on the left ankle that is not healing because of poor circulation on that leg.    Right now there is no pulse from his knee down to his foot and that is not good news.  It could get gangrene and then he'll need to have his leg amputated.   Thursday dad will be seen by the primary doctor who will let us know the results of the sonogram that was done last week.    

Am I worried?   YES!   I don't understand why this is happening and Im trying to act brave as if I know that all will be ok.   What else can I do?   Each time I talk to a doctor my hopes diminish more and more.  Im trusting in Jesus to lead me and guide each step of the way no matter what road I have to follow.   I wish that dad who will be 83 yrs old in June could live out the rest of his days pain free.   Everyday he limps worse than the day before and I see that he's hurting and in pain.   If God takes my dad I pray that he will help me cope with another parent gone.  I still think of my mom alot but having dad around as onery as he is takes up alot of my time and energy just to keep him busy and entertained.  I am very blessed in having a husband who helps me with whatever I ask of him.  He understands the predicament Im in and never complains that I don't pay enough attention to him.  He understands that my dad needs me right now because there is no one else to help him.   He is he always trying to cheer me up and I know he prays for me all the time.    

This year is not what I had expected but to be honest I don't know what I was expecting.  Winter is over and with it I had hoped the Spring would perk us up.  Its my favorite time of the year,   I love seeing  all the beautiful flowers and plants in my garden.  Watching  the blossoms on the trees when they all come alive after being dormant for a few months.       

Spring is here!  

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