Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Conclusion to my Prayer

I saw this Irish blessing on someones blog and since today is St Patrick's Day I find it very appropriate for my situation:           
                                                    Always remember to forget
                                                    The friends that proved untrue.                                       
                                        But never forget to remember
                                        Those that have stuck by you.

My phone rang off and on while I spent most of my morning with my dad at the doctors office yesterday.  I was unable to answer any calls because they were doing a sonogram and I couldn't have my phone turned on.  Just as I expected my friend left a few messages wanting to arrange for us to meet sometime during the day.  Not being able to reach me she eventually called my daughter and they met some where and I now finally have my 'stuff'.

I prayed and asked God to take care of this situation with this person, but I did ask Him to make me bite my tongue in the event that I did happen to speak to them on the phone.  I want to do what is right and I know it wouldn't sound right if I let my mouth run.  lol

Yes yeap He worked it all out and all is good with me now.................why do I even wonder what will happen?  All I have to do is ask Him.


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