Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Saturday morning I woke up and looked out the window to find a bleak cloudy morning.  It was sprinkling off and on and looked as if the skies were going to open up and pour cats and dogs.  The big storm we had been expecting had come and it rained all night long.  I was disappointed because I wanted to go see my granddaughter Monica for her birthday.  It wasn't just a birthday it was her 'Sweet Sixteenth Birthday'.  My husband didn't want to drive in the rain especially since they live so far away and complained that it was too cold.

Where have all the years gone?   Monica was the cutest baby girl and she was such a good little baby.  She never cried unless she was hungry or wet.  We used to prop her up on the couch and she would stay there until we picked her up or else she would fall asleep.  I can still see this beautiful little girl as she would sit on the floor by my book case and read book after book.  Life has not been easy for her, she had trouble adjusting to a life without her daddy (my son) when he no longer lived with his girls.   I remember her calling me on the phone asking 'grandma can we come over?'.......How I wish I could hear those words again!  She is in that stage of life where she is involved with school, friends and growing up.  They also live so far that we hardly see each other.   I pray that God keeps His hand on her through the coming years and that she comes to understand life as it is and stop trying to fight it.       

My daughter saved the day when she called and said she would be going to see Monica and asked if I still wanted to go.  Woopee!   Of course I wanted to go!!   We were to leave around noon and we'd all go together in her van.........this was more than I expected, my hubby  wouldn't have to drive after all.

After a couple of stops here and there to buy a birthday card and balloons we finally got started.  It was a beautiful day though cloudy and cold but the drive out there was sooo beautiful.  The surrounding mountains were snow capped and it looked so majestic as only the work of God can look. 

It had been a couple of months that I had seen baby Adrian so it was a double treat.  According to his doctors he is doing great progress.  He is growing so fast and doing all the things babies his age do so we are all excited......He is so cute.  Alicia his sister is so smart and bright for her age its incredible.  She alone is going to be responsible for our special baby to do wonderful progress as he grows, by watching everything she says and does.

Sylvia had made Pozole and Seviche for lunch and it was the bomb!  We sat around the table eating and talking enjoying our lunch.  We then sang to the birthday girl, we all ate cake and before we knew it was time to leave.  

I miss my two granddaughters so much and I don't get to see them as often as I like to but Im thankful for when I do.  They are growing to be beautiful young women.   

I love you very much Monica.......aka Muneca♥

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