Friday, February 4, 2011

The Great Fall

Well today I took daddy dearest for his follow-up check up after his visit to the ER.  He fell the early part of December and stubborn as he is I couldn't get him to a doctor until 2 weeks ago when he was in so much pain on his leg and thigh so I took him to the emergency.  X-rays showed there were no broken bones or fractures and he was given a demerol shot to ease the pain along with a prescription.

This would be his first time to be seen by his new primary doctor after enrolling in the Scan program.  Not that we knew anything about this doctor other than he was chosen by me because he is only 5 min's  away from our house.  Both the medical office and hospital are in the same bldg.  YAY!!!  No more traveling for an hour and 25 miles to get him to a doctor.

While I filled out a ton of paper work daddy dearest looked at tv until he was finally called and off we went to be seen by the nurse.  After taking his vitals and checking his heart and everything else they do we waited for a little while longer until the doctor came in.

This was the first time in all my experience with doctors and nurses that I can say I liked this man because he was very very nice.  He actually looked at us when he spoke to us and asked questions.  He did not act like he was in a hurry to leave because it was almost lunch time.  He asked my dad if he had any questions or problems.  He listened patiently while my dad spoke and explained why he didn't like this particular hospital.  *Daddy feels that my mom was not given the correct treatment and thats why she died.  We did not realize that this man who we were talking to was the director of doctors for the hospital........woohoo!   He apologized for the carelessness that took place while my mom was in the hospital and said he would look into it.   I was shocked and I know daddy was too.  Dr Moyer asked why we chose him as a primary doctor and I explained that it had been a random choice from a pamphlet we had been given by the Scan Ins. that has all the doctor names and addresses.

Daddy was given a clean bill of health; other than his heart which is a little irregular or off beat.  His lungs and other vitals given his age are all in good condition.  (Daddy dearest will be 83 yrs pretty soon).   Bursitis is the cause of his pain and as a result he is limping and using a cane.  Doctor gave him a prescription for pain and told us to make an appointment 6 months from today to check and see how he's doing then.   What a relief that was!

I am so ecstatic!!

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