Friday, February 11, 2011

Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air can't you just feel it?  The days have been beautiful with clear blue skies, the wind is a little chilly but oh so nice.  

All around me I've seen people smiling and laughing with a glow on there faces.  In the stores I see them walking up and down the aisles and humming to tunes unknown but to themselves.  

Bunny rabbits are all around the plantation jumping and playing, the birds even sound like they are tweeting  longer and louder lol.  There are hundreds of gold fish in the pond where do they go when you can't see them I wonder?

There are buds popping up on trees and on bushes which will be flowers in the spring. The plantation will  once again be surrounded with luscious and beautiful colors again. 

      I believe this is the way we will feel when we see Jesus face to face on that wonderful day!  


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