Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beloved Let Us Love One Another

Love your enemies and treat your brothers and sisters with love and respect.  Reach out to help someone if you know they are hurting and pray for them.  Be kind to one another the way Jesus wants us to be.  Don't ignore people because you don't want to get involved in their problems!  Everyone at one time or another needs a shoulder to lean on or even a smile would help.  We hear this preached across the pulpit over and over and yet so many people are being excluded.   Is this meant only for those who are new to the church?  Are we to exclude those sitting in a pew taking up space?    

There is one purpose why we go to church and that is for our salvation and to be ready for that wonderful day when we'll be with the Lord.  It is a sanctuary to revitalize and energize ourselves with God's Word.  To give us strength for trials we might encounter through out the week, not to be tried and tested within the walls of the church with the people we worship with.    Yet it seems the downfall may be this very topic.  These people who I'm talking about must sit through the messages and think the Pastor is not speaking to them.

< In God's eyes we are all the same, he is no respecter of persons..........where did that verse get lost? >

I was taught by my parents to be respectful of elders and everyone I came in contact with.  Not just those I   liked or knew were part of the in crowd.  It is a new generation and ways of thinking are different from when I grew up; but it seems a lot of the younger people feel  that elders do not have to be acknowledged and so ignore us.   I do not appreciate this especially if I've known them since they were young children and others for many years.

I am not alone in these thoughts that I'm jotting down on this blog I have personally spoken to many who feel the same.  Some family members are guilty of this, and I think it is sheer stupidity that they do not know or realize how rude and ignorant they are being .     

How can we expect God to forgive us our trespasses when we hurt one of his saints.  Do we not understand the meaning of   "WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE WE DON'T NEED ENEMIES."   How can we deliberately shun someone because they are not in the same status?   Lord help me to love everybody!

Maybe this was not appropriate, please forgive me but I needed to voice my thoughts and isn't that what these blogs are for?

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