Thursday, February 24, 2011

H e l l o

Two weeks ago I received a promotion letter from AT&T to upgrade what I currently had and receive a free telephone.  With the wonderful upgrade I would be getting it was hard not to accept, of course I said yes.   I now have all these wonderful freebies which include:  Unlimited texting,  receive phone calls from another mobile carrier with no charge to me and the 1400 unused minutes I had would be rolled over and added to this new plan.     *I don't use the phone much and I only text messages to my daughter and 1 friend* 

This person I spoke with was very nice, asked all the right questions and violla I was all set with my new upgrade.  If anything went wrong with the phone I was to contact them and they would trouble shoot it and get it going with no problems.   Second choice was to walk into any  AT&T store and get my problems solved that way too.   All this had to be done within 30 days ...........Sheesh what if the phone messed up after that period?

After two weeks I decided to 'contact' AT&T by phone and see if they could help with 3 problems I was having.  I was able to take pictures but I could not send them to my e-mail address or to anyone and I was unable to retrieve any photos sent to my phone.  Sending messages by text wasn't working either;  FAILURE TO SEND kept appearing on the screen.   It was all very frustrating and I was really getting annoyed with this new phone.  

I made contact with AT&T and spoke to three very nice people except they all asked the same questions!!   Why do they do that?  I couldn't believe that they were unable to fix my problem over the phone as I had been told.   Instead they suggested that I should visit one of the stores near me.     WHAT NOW?

I decided to go where I had originally purchased my phone.    This person was also very nice and explained how to use some of the features on the phone.   BUT a message reading FAILURE TO SEND kept popping up on the screen after he took pictures on his phone and sent them to mine.  The reason some of my telephone numbers were dropped from one phone to the other was because I had not saved telephone numbers on the Sim card.   Ok, its true I didn't save anything because no one told me I had to.

I asked if he could replace the phone because I had asked for red and received a dark grey with orange instead.   Just when everything was going as I thought it should............. he couldn't fix any of the problems.......... so he decided I should go to another store down the street.  They he said would be able to exchange the phone, he couldn't because I had not purchased it from the inventory in his store...........God help me!  

The same thing happened at the other store................A new AT&T policy prevented them from exchanging  anything since I had added the new upgrade and new phone to my  bill and it had been processed over the phone.
I was seeing red by then and bit my tongue swallowed my words, kept my cool and proceeded to go outside to make another phone call to the people I had originally dealt with.   aaargghh!

After going round and round with this new person who kept asking stupid questions about my social security # and address, what phone # did I put new upgrade.   I thought they have computers so they can see whats going on with their customers.  Finally she said everything was done and for me to return the phone in the same box it had come in and they would send me a new one.   I was like really mad by then, how could they expect me to be without a phone until they send me the new one?   I would also be getting a $30 credit towards the purchase of a GO PHONE from Wal-Mart and all I needed to do was ask them to open up my account and they would see the discount given to me.     Sounds easy huh?

At Wal-mart the clerk laughed and said they are not affiliated with AT&T in any way and they don't open anybodys account.   They would would also have no means of getting their money for the Go Phone.   I very politely put the phone down on the counter said thank you and walked away.   I was so tired,  my back was aching, my feet were sore from wearing my new boots.

I will send the phone back in its little box and wait patiently for the new one to arrive soon praying that there is nothing wrong with it and that it is RED!


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