Monday, February 7, 2011

Weighing Doubts

The time had finally come and I was truly scared I didn't know what to do.  Asking someone for their opinion or for any advice with my dilemma was out of the question because I don't want to share any information.  The reality of my own sins was going to be revealed  by way of numbers.  Oh  how I dreaded this day.  I knew I had to make up my mind but the decision was frightful.   Curiosity didn't kill the cat for nothing and it was not gonna get me so I finally reached my decision...............YES!    I will weigh myself before I start dieting again.

Where was it?   I had to search and search.   It took awhile before I finally found it underneath old blankets and old clothes conveniently out of sight.  My own guilty conscience knew what I'd been doing for the past 4 months so out of sight it was also out of mind and I didn't have to think about pounds.  I could hear that little machine with all those ugly little numbers staring at me and saying  'Step on me'.   I walked away from it thinking I should wait until a week of being on my diet to weigh myself again.   BUT wait a minute, then I would never know how much I gained and what to go by.   Decisions what do I do...  Oh why not?   Back to the closet I went and debated on what to do with MYSELF.   I finally gave in to the pain and torture I was gonna feel and regret.   Astonished,  I thought those ugly little numbers were wrong and the  machine was broken.   I jiggled it and turned it upside down checked the dial and stepped on it again.   Can you believe the shock to find that I had actually lost another 4lbs!!!!!!!!  Those ugly little numbers were telling the truth and now I could look at that scale without fear.

Wooohooo!   I am so excited  and now I will faithfully continue on my diet journey and see what else takes place in the next few months.   The majority of my clothes already hang on me and I've given away 2 bags of clothes that I was gonna wear someday.  Well I hope that day never comes!

I am no longer afraid I will be faithful and strong to the very end.   I will eat carrots and celery for a month if  thats what it takes to lose this ugly fat that's been hanging around for years.

Why didn't I start sooner!

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