Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who Are YOU??

                "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"!
Why do people blurt out whatever pops into their brain?    I have found that crocheting has helped  me learn the virtue of silence in the first degree lol.   I listen a lot more to whats going on around me because I have to concentrate as I crochet on a project so in turn I also speak less.  Thinking takes a lot of energy as I crochet unlike some people I stop and think before I speak.

Today after church as I drove into a restaurant parking lot to have lunch with my daughter and her family I noticed one of the ladies from our church walking towards the door.   No need for names!   Stepping out of my car I said hello and her response was to tell me that she had forgotten my name!  Apparently she told her daughter;  "There's whats her name, who is she"?  The daughter's  response was   'WHO'?

 Let me say that for the past 21 yrs that I've known this woman I have never forgotten her name!   She has a unique name and is rather outspoken.   She does not mince words and will always let you know whats on her mind.   After learning this about her Im very cordial and other than to say hello I stay away from her.

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  1. Just don't stay away from me!!! I know your name...It's Mama C, Mary Margaret Casados, a BEAUTIFUL LADY!!!!! Love ya, Mama!! Jana