Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Be My Valentine

Valentine's Day celebrates love and happiness, we should make memories of our own true stories to remember and not have to read a book and say 'I wish that was me'.

February should be the month to let someone know how much you appreciate them or love them if that be the case.   This is not saying  we shouldn't do thoughtful things the rest of the year, but especially during this month when every where we look there are cards, candies, flowers etc. reminding us that we should.   Imagine how a  person will feel if they receive a little surprise when they were expecting nothing.   Speaking for myself I love receiving valentine cards or candy, what ever it is tells me someone was thinking of me.

I think I'll take my husband to a nice restaurant for dinner because he's my Valentine lol.  Call a friend or someone you know is alone and invite them over to your house for a pot luck dinner.  Dress up the table with a vase of pretty flowers for a nice setting.  Serve whatever you have on the menu for that day and whatever they bring.  It will probably be a great time of fellowship and fun.  I love it when I get invited to someone's house and unless they really can't cook I thoroughly enjoy whatever is served.  If you want to entertain little kids or teenagers just feed them chips n dip and whip up some cup cakes decorated with cute valentine candies or whatever and they'll be happy.  

Through our 44 years of married life my husband has given me Valentine cards and flowers which I really appreciated but the most important  to me was that he remembered and thought of me.  Valentine's Day is about LOVE and I think men should receive the same from us women because they are important too. 

Romeo and Juliet, Odysseus and Penelope are just two of the love stories that ended in 'Happily ever after'.  Wouldn't it be better to say me and him ended happily ever after because we loved each other enough to remember the little things through our life?

Every year I buy Valentine cards for all my grandchildren or a little something to let them know I love them very much in February and all the other months in the year.  

                             ♥♥Happy Valentine's Day To All My Family & Friends ♥♥

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