Sunday, January 30, 2011

Aweigh I Go Again

Its that time again that I must buckle down and start back on the straight and narrow path in search of my waist line.  My food binge is OVER.

Its been a long 3 months of gorging on all my favorite foods and pretending that I was just serving myself a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Who was I kidding hahaha.   My feast officially started in November on my birthday....I received a Flan cake which is my favorite of all pies, cakes or anything else.    Eeeshh!!  No one else in the family likes it but me, you would think they'd buy a small one kind of like a pan pizza-you know personalize it somewhat instead of the regular size!   Of course I ate it all by myself during the next few days yikes.  Im getting full just thinking about it now uugghh!

Thanksgiving Day I really did try to eat just small portions, but after 5 small portions I should have just ate the second helping 'yikes'.  Pumpkin pie is a favorite of mine and for some reason this year I really didn't enjoy it.  Thank God!   I preferred all the other goodies my daughter bakes.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas there was so much left over food that we just couldn't throw any of it away.  Ay yi yi!!  Think of all those poor people in the third world countries that are starving! 

We made 16 dozen tamales (what were we thinking of)?  There are only 7 in our immediate family and a few friends that come over!   Never the less I don't want to see another tamale for at least a year aagghh!   Using my mom's method I made menudo on New Years eve for my husband who just has to have it for the holidays  no matter what.  I was so proud of myself because it turned out just like hers that even daddy dearest ate some too and complimented me by saying it tasted just like mom's.   Then there was Tiffany's delishus ham with all the trimmings which we have every year and is now a family tradition,  it was the bomb.   The side dishes were  tasty and too many to mention but and Im sure everyone makes the same ones too.  Every where you look there was candy scattered all over the house in little bowls or boxes, Im so glad Im not a candy eater or I would really be in trouble. 

I must not forget all the birthdays that came after Christmas and then the New Year followed by our anniversary.  My Lord it just kept coming, but the end was in sight right after Tiffany's 34th birthday and now I can begin my journey into weightlessness.

We plan on going to New Mexico for a family reunion on my husbands side of the family so I want to look and feel better than the last time I went ten years ago.  Whether we go or not Im still planning on losing at least 200lbs lol.  Thats how heavy I look and feel and Im really tired of being tired all the time.  I can't wear my old clothes because they are too big now due to the weight I did lose and Im making do for the time being.   I don't want to buy anything new so Im in some sort of an in between crises called limbo.  I did have to buy shoes because the ones I had were stretched out and kept slipping off.  Im happy with the little success I've made but I will be delirious once I reach my goal.

I am determined and in Jesus Name I will succeed and starting tomorrow I will have to let everyone in my family know that they are not to eat goodies in front of me.........Ha!!   like that  will work.

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