Wednesday, January 26, 2011

He's Here

Congratulations to Cris & Renee, their new baby boy 'Brayden Chase Martin' has arrived!  He weighed 8lbs 1oz, 20in long with black hair (wonder what color hair Cris has)?   He was born at San Antonio Hospital in Upland on Tuesday January 25, at 11:41 pm.

Im gonna try to get out there sometime today to see baby and make sure Renee doesn't need anything.   Im so excited for the new mommy & daddy.  They have been waiting for a long time, actually she was about a week past her due date but never the less he is finally here.   I love this girl like a daughter that I feel like a grandma with a new grandbaby lol.

I think I'll take Renee some flowers & a box of chocolates,  hhmm maybe a blue baby outfit too.   I know she'll never say but I wonder if she needs anything?  She needs to feel special too after all she's been through which only us women can relate to.

                          Babies are blessings from God

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