Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Thumbelina

 Today was my daughter Tiffany's birthday, she is 34..  It seems like just yesterday she was a lil baby and then the cutest little girl.  Its hard to believe that now she has her own daughter who is 13 yrs old and a son who is 12 yrs old.

Tiffany was always independent and now that she's married with children of her own she is multi-task too.  She is a go never see her not doing anything.  She is a mini version of how I was at her age always putting her family first before herself.   She is a good wife, mother and daughter making sure her two children have what they need and her husband is taken care of.  She loves the Lord and is faithful to her church and is making sure that her family does too.

My husband I are very proud of the woman she has become and we are very glad to live in a little house on the same property as my daughter and her family.  Days may go by without seeing each other but we know if we need something we're just a few feet away.  We are so blessed.

Happy Birthday Tiffany, we love you!

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